Why are there still Palestinian refugees?

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This new video presented by Dumisani Washington (viaJIMENA) asks the pertinent question: why are there still Palestinian refugees ?The world’s most celebrated refugees are supported by huge amounts of US and European aid.

Yet no-one mentions the greater number of Jewish refugees fromArab lands. What international aid did they receive? The answer is zilch.


  • UNRWA's own rules create permanent refugees. Unlike any other group in history, UNRWA deemed that 'palestinian refugee' status was inheritable for eternity. If you could vaguely show some relation to a man who vaguely lived somewhere where Israel more or less is in the years 1945-48 then you can claim permanent refugee status, anywhere in the world no matter what your circumstances are or what country you're a citizen of or were born in. You could be a 3rd generation British subject and currently a member in the House of Lords and you could be a 'palestinian refugee'. You could be 3rd or 4th generation American citizen born in the US, never left the country nor even spoken to anyone who was from or claimed to be from 'palestine' and you can be a refugee. And there no legal way to get you of that list. That is why the population of 'refugees' has grown to 5 million or more. And in 10 years it will be 7 million and 10 million and so on.

    Even the PA says that if they were to get a 'palestinian state' that no one who is now a 'refugee' would ever be allowed to be a citizen of that 'palestinian state' even the 'palestinian refugees' who live in Yesha today. Once a refugee always a refugee and so will your children's children's children's children's children's children forever and ever.

    The problem for them though is that on the day this mythical 'palestinian state' is declared every single Arab nation on earth will march their 'palestinian refugees' to the border at gunpoint and kick them out, telling them to 'return' to their 'homeland'. All of a sudden calling 5 or 6 or 10 million people 'palestinian refugees' will result in the biggest mass migration and humanitarian disaster since the partition of India and Pakistan. And this is why the 'palestinians' will never agree to a having exactly what they've demanded we give them.

  • Orfan, there were Jewish refugees in Israel from the 1947-49 Israeli war of independence. Some could go home after the combat basically stopped in the late summer of 1948. Others could not go back because their former homes were under Arab Legion [of Transjordan] or Egyptian army control.

  • From their site: "UNRWA was established by United Nations General Assembly resolution 302(IV) of 08 December 1949 to carry out direct relief and works programs for Palestine refugees" Not Jews! They have never made any effort to change the situation because the $$$ keep flowing in. They refused all offers by Israel to re-settle, because the Arab world is using them as a tool against Israel. The hatred is bred into them from birth. One would think the world would tire of pumping billions into this sick situation.

  • I think Jewish refugees were served by UNRWA for at least a year or two after 1948, until Israel politely said that it considered refugees within its borders to be its own responsibility. The only UNRWA camp presently within Israel proper is Shuafat, which was captured in 1967. I understand that Israel would like to rehouse its inhabitants, but it's too politically sensitive.


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