The ‘sad day’ Morocco refused to play Israel

 A Moroccan paraplegic team forfeited a match rather than face Israel in a wheelchair tennis contest in Tokyo, according to the Jerusalem Post. The episode leads one to the inevitable conclusion that Morocco’s much-hyped ‘coexistence’ narrative is largely for external consumption.

The Israeli wheelchair tennis team at an earlier match with a Malaysian team. (Photo: Israel Tennis Association)

Politics reared its ugly head in sports once
more on Thursday, this time at the World Team Cup wheelchair tennis
event at the Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo.

Israel was scheduled to face Morocco in a Men’s World Group 2 tie for positions 5-8, but the Moroccans never showed up, being ordered to forfeit by their local paralympic committee.

is a sad day for sports, and an even sadder day for paralympic
sports,” said Israel coach Nimrod Bichler. “Politics have mixed with
sports in the past, but paralympic sports were always different.”
Israel’s team, which includes Amir Levi, Adam Berdichevsky and Asi
Stokol, was awarded a default 3-0 victory.

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  • June 26, 2016

    "Mephisto86". Are you still there ? After the typically Muslim display of genocidal
    dysfunction in Orlando Florida about a week ago. Do you and others like you,enjoy living between increasingly sophisticated and frequent mass murders of THEIR hapless host societies ? It is the self-delusion and passivity of your kind that gives THEM sustenance and motivation. Because people like you guarantee that there will be no consequences that will really hurt and deter THEM. If you think that millions like me are "bigoted" or "islamophobic",that's your problem. There's an unlimited supply of Omar Siddiqi Mateens out there. And it is coming from the very core of the Islamic culture that made them what they are. You might also try and understand the meaning of "incidence of support" and "frequency" if you labour under the asinine delusion that these are the actions of only a tiny, minority of "extremists" and "fanatics",among a mostly "decent" and "peaceful" majority. Here's something to remind you just how much your talent for passive self-destruction is appreciated by all those Omars and Muhameds out there.

    I'm Omar Siddiqi Mateen,
    The Muhammettan killing machine,
    I butchers 'em all,
    The straight-up and tall,
    And all those old queens in between

    I'm Omar Siddiqui Mateen,
    The religion of peace is my team,
    'Cause we blows you to pieces,
    Any time we pleases, And that's what Rama-damned means.

    Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada

  • May 30, 2016


    If you have the courage or the open-mindedness to expect a rational response to your name-calling,you had best give us your real name and affiliations. We,at this end can almost guess what they are.
    Otherwise, you know what you really are.

    Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada

  • Wow that is some bigoted stuff right there Norman. Tell me is there any actual "research" that backs your rather broad claims? Islam, Islamic culture and Arabic culture have plenty of problematic aspects. Yet what you are proposing is that this is not changeable and that all individuals of such a background must be purged from anywhere not considered "theirs".

  • May 28, 2016

    How can any one with an iota of common sense or understanding of the natural pathology of Islam {not "Islamism"}be even a little surprised at this "sad day"? Morocco once had nearly a third of a million Jews {the officially identifiable ones that is}.Our Jewish communities there,dated back 28 centuries:Nearly 1,400 years before the arrival of islam to North Africa. Moreover,Moroccan immigrants to Europe are almost legendary record breakers when it comes to every kind of dysfunction, that the statistics of social morbidity define.It doesn't take much "research" to confirm this on a country by country,comparative basis. It's hardly a secret that these deeply embedded behavioural patterns have a high incidence of support among Muslim populations everywhere. And that the frequency of the horrific and sadistic acts they inspire occur on a daily basis,everywhere there are Muslims. Regardless of ethnicity,language, physical appearance,location or even average levels of formal education. They are almost a perfect example of the price their hapless host societies have needlessly inflicted on themselves.The time has come to deal with them in a democratically legislated and humane way.
    Unfortunately, a strait jacket of self-delusion and fear inhibits the host societies from executing the reasonable solutions, that are doable in a reasonable time frame. Hint:Population transfers on a large scale are possible with the "cooperation" of their countries of origin:If the right kind of pressure is put on them. If this is not done it is inevitable that other less controllable forces will emerge to do the job.

    Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada


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