Gabay: ” Arab MKs behaving like thwarted Cossacks”

Arab MKs are the first to politicise the decisions of Israeli courts against Arabs with cries of ‘discrimination’. But aren’t they just behaving like thwarted Cossacks, asks Zvi Gabay in News1?

MK Ahmed Tibi:glaring ingratitude

The decision of the Nazareth District Court to cancel a land tender providing for the construction of homes for Arab families provoked  a public outcry from Arab MKs. It was amazing to hear them furiously attacking the court’s decision, claiming discrimination against the Arab minority in Israel. While doing so, they ignored the obligation to maintain the principle of equality in public tenders, by which tenders were rejected in the past which did not involve Arab citizens, which were bid-pricing adjustments. The Minister of history laughed when he heard their complaints of discrimination against Arab MKs in the State of the Jews: the only country in the Eastern Mediterranean, where MPs enjoy complete immunity  to express their opinions.

What discrimination of Arab MKs are we talking  about?

Is it the one from which the Jews suffered in Arab countries, where the Arabs did not hesitate by any means to apply discrimination and repression against their Jewish citizens? Do they mean referring to the Jews as a minority whose mere presence was considered a betrayal to the ideal of the Arab world? For example, shortly after receiving independence from the Mandatory authorities, Jewish officials were dismissed from their ministries in the Arab world, and the entry of Jewish students restricted. Is something similar happening in Israel? Do Arabs in Israel suffer pogroms such as the  particularly vicious pogrom as conducted in June 1941, 75 years ago, by a mob against the Jews of Baghdad – a pogrom that won the support of the army and police?

Similar brutal riots occurred in almost all Arab countries where Jews lived. Arabs constantly harassed Jews and attacked their rights and gave them special identity cards emblazoned with the word”Moussawi” (of the Mosaic faith). Jews in Arab countries suffered discrimination and serious injuries, were expelled or forced to leave their homes and leave behind their personal and communal and property. Out of a million Jews living in Arab countries, which only a few remain.

The phenomenon of Arabs living in the Jewish state has no parallel in history. The Arabs never lived under Jewish rule. They have become accustomed to being rulers in their countries, while the Jews were subjects discriminated against. The Arabs never lived in their countries within the framework of which exist in freedom and equal rights for all citizens: Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Circassians and others. A minority living in Arab countries does not enjoy conditions of freedom, equality and human rights as minorities do who  live in Israel.

Instead of helping to correct deficiencies in society together, the Arab MKs show glaring ingratitude and lack of consideration for many residents of the sector they represent, precisely because  the situation in Israel for Arabs is much better than for Arabs elsewhere. The protestations  of Arab MKs are not reflected in the  situation in Israel of Arabs living under Jewish rule: it is as good, decent and equitable as it may be. So they choose to cry out like robbed Cossacks whenever they encounter a decision or phenomenon that provides them the opportunity to do so.


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  • Bassem Eid says that he simply cannot identify with Israeli Arabs who complain about their circumstances and status as citizens of Israel. He posits that they learned their complain ways from the Jewish majority.

  • in contra to Zvi Gabay, supporters of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party, some of them of Jewish origin held a meeting last night to deny all accusations of antisemitism against Corbyn, Livingstone, and other party members. One Tariq Ali, notorious as a supposed "anti-imperialist," made an extraordinary claim (as emailed to me):

    Tariq Ali: After the 2nd Intifada the order went out to all Israel Embassies to call all criticism of Israel antisemitic. There was no antisemitism in the Middle East until after Israel was created.


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