Algerian-born Kalifat elected to lead French Jews

France’s Jewish community, the largest in
Europe, chose a Sephardi Jew as its leader Sunday for the first time in
half a century. 

Francis Kalifat, 63, (pictured) said his priority as president of the CRIF umbrella
grouping of Jewish organizations was to “fight against anti-Semitism in
all its forms.”

He succeeds 79-year-old Roger Cukierman for a
three-year term, breaking the dominance of Ashkenazi Jews in the
organization which groups together 70 associations. The Algerian-born
Kalifat was the only candidate running this election.

 Born in Oran in 1952, his family was forced to make a sudden exit from Algeria, as civil war raged. His arrival in Paris with his mother and brothers was turbulent. His father, a police functionary waiting to be transferred, joined them a few months later. He spent his teenage years in Trappes, moving to Versailles. He trained as a lawyer.

The Charlie Hebdo, Hyper Kasher and Bataclan terrorist attacks have traumatised a community already rattled by the murders of Ilan Halimi and Sebastien Selam.  Antisemitism in France has resulted in 8, 000 French Jews moving to Israel. There has also been a ‘mini-aliya’, from the Paris suburbs to the city.

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