Mercy mission gets Matzah shipped to Bahrain

Rabbi Leivi Sudak (photo: The Jewish Chronicle)

A Jewish businessman who had been helped by the Lubavitch movement while imprisoned in Iran ‘returned the favour’ when he assisted in getting emergency supplies of Matzah (unleavened bread) to Bahrain in time for the Passover seder. The Jewish Chronicle has the story (with thanks: Andrew, Nancy):

Bahrain’s tiny Jewish community will have matzahs for Pesach after a mercy dash orchestrated by rabbis, a businessman and an MP.

A planned delivery of shmurah matzahs went missing en route to the Gulf state earlier this week.

But after Chabad rabbis in London were alerted to the problem, a last-minute operation ensured the 50 Jews in the country would receive the unleavened goods in time for Seder night.

 Edgware Lubavitch director Rabbi Leivi Sudak said: “We became aware there was a problem with their Pesach delivery, so we got to it. We quickly gathered supplies to send to them.
“We boxed up everything – grape juice, macaroons, tea, you name it.”

 “But when we asked FedEx how much it would cost they wanted £240 per box to send the stuff.

“It was just too much and they couldn’t guarantee us delivery in time.”

 Hampstead Garden Suburb businessman Melvyn Kay used contacts in the freight industry to assist the rabbi in getting the products on to a Gulf Air plane which left London on Wednesday morning bound for the Bahrain capital, Manama.

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