Ezra Nawi comes from radical Iraqi tradition

Ezra Nawi, at the centre of a scandal broken by Israeli TV, is  the far-left activist who turned over Arabs selling land to Jews in the West Bank to the Palestinian Authority, leading to their torture and execution. From a family of Kurdish Jews, the notorious Nawi  belongs to a tradition of Iraqi-Jewish radicalism. Iraqi Jews were not only prominent in the Iraqi Communist party, they set up the anti-Zionist League in 1945. Many found refuge, ironically, in the Zionist state.

 Ezra Nawi…scandal


The Times of Israel reports:

“A key figure from a left-wing Israeli group
was arrested at Ben-Gurion airport on Monday as he tried to leave the
country, days after being filmed in a television investigation that has
rocked the halls of power.

Ezra Nawi, a Jewish far-left activist from the Ta’ayush group, is reportedly suspected of conspiracy to commit a crime. 

Nawi, a prominent campaigner for Palestinian
rights, featured in a television investigation last week in which he was
recorded saying that he helps Palestinian authorities find and kill
Palestinians who sell land to Jews.”

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 Steve Plaut gives some background to Nawi’s activities on his blog:

“The “star” of the story is a leftist
extremist named Ezra Nawi, who has become something of a poster boy for
the radical Left.  “Nawi” is a well-known and ordinarily distinguished
surname among Jews who came from Iraq.  Most of these are patriotic
Zionists, but a small minority of them were
communists back in Iraq in the 1940s/1950s and have remained such.  A
few of these Iraqi Jews continue to embrace communism, like the radical anti-Zionist sociologist from Tel Aviv University, Yehouda Shenhav

“Nawi famously was convicted of
pedophilia and rape of a minor boy some years ago.  Later he was also
convicted of violently attacking police as part of a riot of violent
Palestinians he helped lead.  He speaks Arabic and likes to dress as an
Arab.  He is active in small far-leftist anti-Israel NGOs operating in
Israel that pretend to be “human rights groups,” including B’tselem and
Taayoush.  These are foreign-funded subversive groups that have never
heard of any human right for Jews worthy of being defended and certainly
not the right of self-defense against genocidal terror and
Islamofascist aggression.  They are also notoriously indifferent to
violations of free speech rights of anyone not from the far Left.”

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  • He is said to have received payments from foreign-funded "NGOs" such breaking the silence, btselem, NIF, etc

  • His sordid personal history — the statutory rape conviction and the violent assault of police at an ostensibly pro-Palestinian protest reek of a serious personality disorder that found a means of "validation" and support.

  • I think he was actually born in Israel. His Kurdish parents had no choice but to flee antisemitism in Iraq in the early 50s. The whole community left for Israel.

  • If he hates Israel so much, then why did he bother making Aliyah in the first place? I'd urge him to go back to Iraq where he belongs.


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