King Farouk ‘collaborated’ with the Nazis

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The Egyptian wartime King Farouk ‘collaborated’ with the Nazis and hoped for an Axis victory in North Africa.

 A Point of No Return reader has unearthed a memorandum from the Library of the University of Michigan. It was sent to the UN in 1947 by the Nation Associates and testifies not only to the machinations of the Mufti, but to the record of collaboration between the Mufti, the Nazis and King Farouk of Egypt, a country then controlled by the British.

The Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, was driven by ‘personal
vindictiveness and hatred of Jews’. The memo corroborates the idea that he wanted to extend his active
association with the Nazi policy of extermination of the Jews of Europe
to Palestine and the Arab countries.

 King Farouk

The Egyptian King Farouk has so far escaped  being tarred with the Nazi brush. The document shows, however, that the Nazis were negotiating with King Farouk to flee to the German sphere.  Farouk called for an Axis victory (in North Africa), and congratulated the pro-Nazi Iraqi army on its 1941 revolt against the British.

King Farouk expressed his gratitude to the Nazis when they warned him of a British plot on his life, and told a Nazi  spy to convey his best wishes to the Mufti.

According to the memorandum, the Mufti repeatedly urged the Nazis to attack Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. However, General Goering turned down his request to bomb Jerusalem on the grounds that it was not a strategic target.

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  • Whatever the motive by you and your ilk, let not forgot the Arab & Muslims hosted the Jews all around.

    You well informed about the Jews in France and Spain how they treated also in eastern Europe where the Jews lied in contented places and area they are not offered work also their kids not allowed entering school or get education and moreover each Jew man & women have to put a special singe on his dress or arm telling the public he is Jew. That what drove for Zionist idea to find Homeland in for them which Theodor (Binyamin Ze'ev) Herzl born May 2, 1860, Budapest, Hungary, Austrian Empire [now in Hungary founder of the political form of Zionism, a movement to establish a Jewish homeland His pamphlet The Jewish State (1896) proposed that the Jewish question was a political question to be settled by a world council of nations. He organized a world congress of Zionists that met in Basel, Switzerland, in August 1897 and became first president of the World Zionist Organization.

    All the above and more, Arab Jews & Non-Arab Jews who emigrated from Europe because the bad and treatments they had and violence in Europe their land can came and lived on Arab/Muslim land where they lived freely between Muslim some brilliant traders also scientists between them who add value to human history. In fact that gave them safe haven to be part of the society and lived and their number increased far from what were in western & Eastern Europe terrible.

    Yes Nationalism caused problem for Jews and not Jews in Arab land specially after 1948 or may be before when Theodor (Binyamin Ze'ev) Herzl start his politic movement and what he done to Othman Sultan Abdul hammed.


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