Algeria to build over Oran cemetery

 Of a community of 130, 000, no Jews remain in Algeria. The Algerian Authorities are taking over the Jewish cemetery in Oran with a view to building over it, Israel National News reports:

Graves in the Jewish cemetery in Oran

After World War II, Jews attempted to remain neutral during the Algerian struggle for independence but found themselves the victims of attacks from both Algerian and French nationalists.

The Jewish community, numbering about 30,000 people, continued its
regular life, but in 1956 rioters started attacking Jewish property.
Attacks quickly escalated and began to claim casualties.

The security situation gradually deteriorated, worsening considerably in 1960 with the desecration of the Jewish cemetery of Oran.

After the implementation of the Evian Accords,
in which Jews were stripped of citizenship and protection under the
law, as well as the start of massacres against the European
population, Jews began to leave Oran en masse in 1962.

In 1963, a year after Algeria gained independence from France, only 850 Jews remained in Oran. By the end of the decade, that number shrank even further.

In 1975, the Great Synagogue was converted into a mosque and by the early 2000s no Jews were believed to have remained in Oran.

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  • Dear Jesterhead,
    The response to your question can be partially explain by the sheer "modernist" outlook that independent Algeria took upon itself after the French colonial rule. Algeria was a socialist (a la Marxist-Leninist) during its early years, strongly (sometimes overtly zealous) aligning itself with ANY 3rd word liberation movement. You name it, Algeria, would be there. Algeria is run by a military Junta. Among its finest prized group was the Fatah movement (armed hand of the PLO). They used to parade them on TV,the press and public rallies everywhere during the 1970's. Algeria was perhaps the most highly supportive country to 1973 Yom Kippur war, both financially and materially (supplying soldiers and armements) to the Syrian front. No wonder, they have an extremely anti-jewish ideology. The military junta is very good at threats, it threaten all indigenous Berber self-determination movements

    Because of Algeria's military support of Western Sahara and its near war with Morocco when this latter annexed the territory in 1976; 20,000 law abidding muslim Moroccans citizens living in Algeria (and most of them in Oran) found themselves expelled from their homes and businesses, put on buses and truck and literally dumped at the border with Morocco.

    If a muslim on muslim violence seems the norm, what value does an old jewish cemetery means to these cretins? Defenseless ostuaries mean nothing to them. Recall that recently (and many times before) poeple in Hebron burn and pillaged the tomb of Joseph, who apparently is prophet mentioned in their "holy" book. I do not think that there is a ANY sense of "history" in the minds of these people, let alone "respect" of the dead.

  • Cannot help but wonder what is unique about Algerian Jew-hatred in seeking to erase anything connected to Jewish history or Jews, given that more extreme muslim regimes at least publicly pretend to look out for / preserve Jewish history in the eyes of the moral imbeciles of the West?

    Or is it dependent on the number of Jews residing in such regimes where the fewer remaining Jews, the more likely such states can simply drop the pretense?


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