Five young Yemenite Jews arrive in Israel

After three failed attempts to leave Yemen, five young Yemenite Jews from the Dahari family finally arrived yesterday in Israel from the war-torn country.

The news was announced by  Manny Dahari on his Facebook page, after he greeted them at Ben Gurion airport.

“Welcome home! After ten years of not seeing my younger siblings,
two years of trying to get them out and three failed attempts, they’re
finally out,” the young Israeli wrote on his Facebook page.

The Dahari children travelled by air on Yemeni passports (photo: Manny Dahari)

There are fewer than 100 Jews left in Yemen, the remnant of a 50, 000-member community.

Earlier this month, Druze MK Ayoub Kara publicised the desperate situation of the  Jews still living in the Yemen capital Sana’a and in Raida, in the north. A Yemenite Jew who had arrived recently in Israel disguised as a Muslim had told him that they had been given an ultimatum by Houthi rebels: ‘convert or leave’.

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