Leila Mourad sings ‘El nora alila’

With thanks: Ahuva and Sylvia


Sylvia writes:

“With Yom Kippur beginning this evening here is a rare recording of Laila Mourad singing El Nora Alila, before her conversion to Islam.

” This prayer was written by Spanish philosopher and poet Moses Ibn Ezra (c. 1055-c.1138). It is part of the “Ne’ilah”, the closing of Yom Kippur prayers. It has been adopted in Ashkenazi rituals.

“Adon Haselihot, an ancient Sephardi prayer (possibly dating from the days of the Geonim) is sung during the days of Awe and on Yom Kippur. It is now widely known in Israel and abroad and has been popularised.

It is here sung by Avihu Medina.

“Kol Nidre always gives me goose bumps. It is also a very ancient prayer in Aramaic aimed at releasing vows not fulfilled during the year in those days when people did not write contracts. Later its intention is limited to Jews meant who were forced to convert.

“Here is the Sephardi Kol Nidrewith the introductory prayer

Avinu Malkeinu. Itis recited on Yom Kippur.
Here is my favorite by baritone David Serero.”

One Comment

  • She was not the only Egyptian non-Muslim in the movies to convert to Islam, to be coerced to do so one way or another. Omar Sharif was of Lebanese Christian background –named Michael or Mikhail something– and he too converted when it was felt there that he as a dhimmi or non-Muslim was too successful as a leading man, a leading woman actress who was a dhimmi might have been more tolerated.


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