‘Moroccan Jews in Israel’ story pulled?

This piece from the Jerusalem Post was picked up by Moroccan World News, but the JPost page seems to have been pulled. Could it be that the close identification of Moroccan Jews with the IDF was not a wise thing to highlight in case it puts Morocco’s remaining Jews in jeopardy? The ‘military training’ aspect certainly plays into the hands of those who claim that Moroccan Jews are fair game for murder ‘because they will soon be killing Arabs as IDF soldiers’. 

Moroccan Jews training in Israel ( Photo: Moroccan World News)

The program aims to prepare the Moroccan
Jewish youth for their eventual immigration to Israel and service in
the ranks of the IDF, according to the Jerusalem Post, citing organizers.

The group flew from Morocco to Israel
via Rome, Italy last month to participate in the summer program. They
will undergo physical and mental training organized by the Amichai
pre-military academy, the Israeli Zionist Federation and the World
Zionist Organization (WZO).

During their stay in Israel, the
Moroccans visited various sites, including the Western Wall, the City of
David, Mount Herzl, Palmah museum in Tel Aviv, and Masada.

“Thousands of youth, of our people, who
live in the Diaspora have to deal every day with the challenges of
anti-Semitism,” Yaakov Hagoel, head of the Department for Activities in
Israel and Countering Antisemitism at the WZO was quoted as saying.

“We must strengthen and encourage our
brethren in the Diaspora, young people who came to Israel from
Morocco…We must open our doors to them,” he added.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the
Jewish community in Morocco has been largely safe from the turmoil that
engulfed the Arab world.

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