Israel warns citizens not to visit Morocco

 Moroccan tourism  will be hard hit by an Israeli security alert warning Israeli tourists to avoid visiting the kingdom, Actu-Maroc reports.

A synagogue in Morocco

Israelis come to Morocco at different times of the year to visit family or take part in pilgrimages to saints’ tombs, or simply to see the country of birth of their parents.

This bonanza will dry up in view of the Israeli authorities’ firm insistence, on the basis of its information sources, that terrorist attacks are increasingly likely.

Moroccan tour operators have been pinning their hopes on increased Israeli tourism for the festival of Hanucah between 6 and 15 December. Whole families have tended to come to Morocco at that time to visit the graves of their ancestors.

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  • The French article was short and did not say much as to the reason for the travel warning to Morocco. Perhaps there is some intelligence that something is brewing in Morocco. The latest news about the youth unrest and government incompetence and corruption is bound to create an conducive atmosphere where lone or fringe fundamentalist Islamic groups can act at random, by yielding to the constant pressure from ISIS and other groups social media order to murder infidels. I hope nothing will happen.

    What surprises me is the Hanukah celebration. Since when did they start this? Certainly the individual Hiloulas (memorial ceremony of old Moroccan rabbis) are well known, and respected but they are relatively small and occur without too much fanfare and festivities (i.e., Amram Ben Diwane of the town of Ouezzane ,and the well know Haim Pinto of Essaouira), at least during the 80's and 90's.

    Jewish religious tourism have grown tremendously these past decades. The Hiloulas were not really advertised as they are now. The past one were very private and small as to not draw too much attention, but these recent development in advertising and promotion should only alert us that we should be cautious. Disenchanted and marginalized youth can be impulsive to constant pressure to act in the name of Jihad by their local Imams and their idols in Iraq.


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