Arab singer finds it hard not to be a hypocrite

” Difficult to be an Arab,” is a catchy oriental song with a political message. It’s just been released on to the Israeli market by Jowan Safadi, an Arab-Israeli singer – sorry, Palestinian.

Our Jowan is clearly having a hard time in the video, gyrating his hips in a plush limousine, with a pretty girl on each arm.

 The problem, according to Jowan, really lies with Mizrahi Jews in Israel who literally wear their Jewishness on their sleeve. The one in the video supports far-right anti-assimilationist organisations like Levava, which tries to save Jewish girls from the clutches of Arab men.

 Jowan knows best: Mizrahim are hypocrites,  they paid the bloody price of being ‘blacks ruled by rich whites’ in a ‘racist’ state. Mizrahim lock themselves in a cupboard. They are just fooling themselves, thinking they are Jews: they are really Arabs.

A Mizrahi Jew, ‘dragged from an Arab country'(presumably by criminal Zionist gangs), took his place, sings Jowan from an Israeli beach.

Except that the land is not Israel, it is Filastin, according to the song’s punchline.

Congratulations Jowan, for spotting that Arabs have a problem with Mizrahim and their support for ‘oppressive’ policies.

Perhaps if you knew more about Jewish identity and how Jews were treated in Arab countries, you might understand why Mizrahim were ‘imported’ into Israel and why they hold the hardline views they do.

And while you’re at it, try looking sexy on a Syrian beach and see how far it gets you.

Jowan Safadi, ‘oppressed’ on a Israeli beach

Stepfeed blog reports:

“Palestinian singer Jowan Safadi
last week released a new song calling out Mizrahi Jews – Jews hailing
from Arab nations – for not supporting fellow Arab Palestinians.

Mizrahi Jews have come from countries such as Iraq and Morocco to live
in the state of Israel. They often align themselves with Israeli
policies that oppress and deny rights to Palestinians.

song points out the hypocrisy in their actions, with the lyrics,
“Listen to me, dude. You need to know where you came from. And where
you’re going to. And what you’re gonna find. Standing in the street
chanting: ‘Death to Arabs’ and such sh*t. You’re an Arab man!”

The lyrics go on to add, “Hey you imported Arab! Take it from a local Arab: You were dragged here… to take my place.”

Read article in full 

Arab rappers cleared of incitement to violence


  • There were Sefardim and Mizrahim in Israel before 1948, before the state and indeed in the 19th century when, at mid-century, Jews were already the majority in Jerusalem. These Jews in Jerusalem were Sefardim, Ashkenazim, Georgians, Bukharans, Yemenites, Moroccans, German Jews, etc etc

  • Considering how the Arab population living west of the Jordan zoomed from just under 190,000 in 1922 to 600,000 twenty five years later, what are the chances that our hip hop non-hero is descended from Arabs who migrated to what is now Israel to benefit from the economic boom created by those evil Ashkenazim who usurped a state and hoodwinked Miszrachim into joining them.

  • Guy is a jerk, typical doesn't know our history, and certainly doesn't know his. And NO, we are not Arabs. We were in the Land, (My Family is from Hebron), when the Arab Armies invaded up the Perfume Road. And no, we are not now, not then, not ever Arabs….


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