Victim’s father speaks out in Tunis

 Yoav Hattab z”l

France 2 TV has carried this moving interview (7:25) with the father of Yoav Hattab, 21 one of the four Jewish hostages murdered by an Islamist terrorist in the kosher supermarket at the Porte de Vincennes, Paris, last Friday.

His voice cracking, Benjamin Hattab, the rabbi at the Great synagogue in Tunis and headmaster of a Jewish school, says that he had looked forward to marrying, not burying his son.

He never imagined that his son, who was pursuing his studies in marketing, would be less safe in Paris than in Tunisia.

However, his son had already said that he was afraid of walking around Paris wearing a kippa (skullcap). He concealed his kippa beneath a baseball cap. 

Rabbi Hattab has six other children.


  • March 31,2015
    Please refer back to our Post of Jan. 12,and Jan. 18,2015

    Kudos to the huge and otherwise dysfunctional & parasitic Muslim communities in Europe,the Americas, Australia etc.It is THEY who have learned valuable lessons from their successes of the last several years. Which is more than WE have done.

    [1]We,THEIR host societies,and principal targets of opportunity have entered into a steady-state of hand -wringing paralysis & nostalgic victimhood.
    {2}We have not yet figured out just how vulnerable THEY and their well-funded dhimmis are,to well organized deterrent action at the most local levels: All of it surgically legal. And in keeping with the best traditions of lawful protest, peaceful assembly & relentless exposure to scrutiny.
    [3]The most basic starting point by democratically elected governments is to phase out any and all needless immigration from the failed nation states that spewed them out. And to enact legislation that causes a reverse flow to THER places of origin. Before a critical demographic mass is reached.
    As matters stand now,some kind of 'spontaneous reaction' by the self-victimized host societies is almost inevitable. Just wait for the next "terrorist" mass murder. That's all we're good for anyways.
    Waking up to the next one. Even though we have the ability to neuter them.But not the communal will.
    "Do not pity them! The whip has burned them. They are used to sorrow and intimate with shame."
    Chaim Nachman Bialik.

    Norman L. Roth, Toronto Canada

  • March 06 2015

    Please read Feb.08, 2015 above.

    It has been noted on more than one occasion,that when conspicuously attired people,not necessarily Jewish,go for walks through the streets & souks of muslim Europe, they can count on an uncontrollable knee-jerk reaction from swarms of locals. Whether it's spitting, urinating at their victims,obscenities or even edged weapon or fire-arms assaults, it's no "minority" behavioural pattern.It's coming from the very depths of their psyches. From the same dark night of the soul,which spews forth countless beheadings,F.G.Ms, crucifixions, mutilations, enslavements, and genocidal rages.
    Their is a perfectly legitimate method to at least start the ball rolling in a legal & rational manner: In democratic& secular societies. Their are many rituals and ceremonies in the Jewish faith that can be conducted out-of-doors.Why not have super-minions in well selected neighbourhoods ? In public spaces.
    Wherever our readers are,they can fill in the venues from their own local knowledge. All are invited. Easily arranged.All WE need are a little guts. Not a conspicuous quality among the moralistic talkers,junk academics,hair-splitting lawyers and dialogue mongers who seem to proliferate among US. Crawling along on your belly, begging the world to love you, always brings the same consequences.

    Norman L. Roth, Toronto Canada

  • Feb.08 2015

    Here are several suggestions for the victim oriented ones among us.To rid themselves of the inhibitions described above: At street level;To be initiated pro-actively by local leaders who have a thorough knowledge & "gut feel"for the laws governing freedom of assembly and lawful protest Within THEIR own environments. For example:
    {1}France: When is the next anniversary of Ilan Halimi's death? [Jahrzeit for Ashkenazi
    Jews..Mizrahi term ?}Does any body really believe that his month long ordeal was not known to most of THEM in that typical Muslim majority public housing project? Would an open-to-all minion,in full accordance with Jewish tradition,on public space, be within France's traditions of peaceful assembly & freedom of expression ?
    Think about it.Organize it. Then we'll see what comes out of the shadows. Maybe something good & satisfying. Unlike all that whining, trembling & 'scholarly"
    raking-over of OUR ashes.
    I can think of lots of other 'suggestions' for other locations.Where the souls of Islam's countless victims down through the centuries cry out to us for justice. e.g. This April is the official centennial of the Armenian Genocide. All suggestions will be welcome.

    Norman L. Roth, Toronto Canada

  • January 18, 2015

    Here are several steps that Jews in Europe and the Americas can take to help themselves: By way of ACTION,instead of legalistic hair splitting,total dependence on the "sympathy" of others and a debating society mentality.

    {1}Stop referring to the persistent,entrenched and predictably psychopathic behaviour of our adversaries as
    'terrorism". It has been demonstrated in countless surveys and observations that a majority of Muslims are at the very least,in deep sympathy with the horrors that are reported on a daily basis.And with other unappetizing practices,too offensive to be repeated herein. And that a significant percentage of them believe that such behaviour constitutes a legitimate expression of their deepest religious convictions. Not to mention tens of thousands of others who are quite willing to do the "jobs" on short notice.

    {2}Organize and mobilize OURSELVES for rapid response and protective action. With scrupulous regard to all local regulations regarding lawful protest and public assembly. And acts of legitimate, reasonable pro-active self-defence.
    {3}Whenever any objections and legitimate criticism against Islamic practices and rituals and social dysfunction,are publically expressed,we should not associate ourselves with the practitioners in any way. Their ways are not our ways. Such "sympathy" is not only strategically naïve: It is self-destructive.
    {4}When evidence of the most bestial and sado-masochistic practices by Muslims [often religiously condoned}is reported,we should understand that it is in our interests to encourage such exposure. And we should feel free to assist in its dissemination. Do we have any other choices ? Cause our would-be exterminators to be "on the run".
    Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada

  • We Jews should all listen to Manuel Vaal's speech in Parliament!
    Extraordinary little man, of Spanish origin. I think he will be France's next president

  • Regardless of the law, his extremist rantings are offensive to this site's readers.

    Bataween should delete him if she sees the post.

  • To the commenter who advocates for "retributive justice." Your words are that of provocation. It is actually against the law in the US to threaten to hurt someone who is in America.

    Why not learn a bit of France's cyclic history with regards to its Jewish population over the last 1200 years?

    In the US, there are some lawsuits against banks that handle money that goes to pay for terrorists.


  • This recommendation is addressed exclusively to the huge, strategically talented,and hitherto passive Jewish communities of Europe & the Americas.
    Yoav Hattab's murder,and those of his & OUR martyred brothers & sisters,deserve retributive justice. Not empty street theatre in the public space of the world's great cities: No matter how many people show up. Inclusive of Heads of state. Righteous,& long overdue payback can only take the form of direct action; By those who know their local environments. Especially the demographics of our closest adversaries & their dhimmis & "sometimes useful idiots":In the clergy, junk academe & affiliated media. And THEIR most vulnerable localized weaknesses; Especially the true extent of THEIR dysfunction & burden on their host societies. And the politics of local law enforcement:Including local by-laws & regulations regarding the right to lawful public protest & assembly.
    As matters stand now,all THEY will do is bide their time. And let the short-lived public outrage dissipate. When there is no effective response from their 'targets of opportunity' they'll resume their normal patterns of behaviour: Having learned additional lessons in strategy & tactics from their most recent SUCCESSES. And having earned even more sympathy & tangible support from their communities of special entitlement. Regardless of THEIR public & verbose displays of "outrage". Taqiyya is built right into THEM. At every level of their culture and individual psyches. The cost of inaction to US will vastly exceed the price of planned & well executed action against THEM. No one else will do it for us.
    Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada.

    P.S. We've got nearly 600,000 of THEM in the Greater Toronto Area. i.e Toronto et les environs.

  • I am deeply sorry for that young man's family.
    However this will bot be the End of hate


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