Critics at a loss when truth unfurled

The fight-back on campus begins: Mendy, son of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, unfurled a banner advertising 856,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands at a meeting of Justice for Jews for Palestinians at New York university, his proud father tells us in The Jerusalem Post. The opposition were lost for words: (with thanks: Michelle)

On Wednesday night, my son Mendy held a demonstration inside an event
held by the Students for Justice in Palestine at New York University.
They were screening a documentary by Israeli filmmaker (or should I say
anti-Israeli filmmaker) Lia Tarachansky, called On the Side of the
Road. The description of the film: “This is the story of those who
fought to erase Palestine and created an Israeli Landscape of Denial.”
The event sought to smear Israel’s name by placing the Palestinian
refugee crisis in a vacuum, showing only cruel Israeli militias
single-handedly forcing the native population out of its homeland.

son sought to show the other side of the story. While there were
indeed hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees, there were even
more Jewish refugees driven from Arab lands and Iran beginning at the
same time. The number of these refugees amounted to 850,000 Jews. My
son and his fellow students held 6-foot signs displaying this number.
These refugees fled their countries due to the fierce anti-Semitic
atmosphere that had begun to envelop them. In the 1940s, and especially
after 1948, pogroms were set against the Jews of the Middle East, with
hundreds killed. In Iraq in 1941, 180 Jews were murdered, with 900
Jewish homes, schools, businesses and synagogues destroyed.

Tripoli, 1945, 140 Jews were massacred and another 4,000 were left
without homes. In 1947, 75 Jews were murdered across Syria, and another
80 were killed in the anti-Jewish Cairo bombings of 1948. That year 82
Jews were murdered in Aden, in what has come to be known as the “Yemeni

These killings were not carried out by armies, but
by enraged civilian populations who stormed the Jewish areas of their

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  • Congratulations to Ms. Boteach. Not that the anti-Semitic organizations really care, but I'm glad to see that someone is finally fighting back. Now if she would only bring to people's attention, the story of the thousands of PALESTINIAN Jewish refugees.

  • there is a problem in the numbres.
    hitler caught in europe 6 million
    jews to kill and this was not a
    total destruktion of
    europ jews.

    how can it be that in the whole
    middle east the numbre of
    jews in total was just
    around 1 million.

    sephardic jews are proud and the
    elder ones do not like to
    talk about things they
    feel ashamed of.

    ask them, one day they will go
    and there will bo no one
    to ask.

    ad 120

  • Rabbi Boteahh should have added that Jews in Arab/Muslim lands were oppressed and humiliated long before 1948, long before the 20th century. This oppression was carried out according to Islamic teachings, starting with Quran 9:29. The system of oppression was eventually worked out in detail and called dhimma.

    Good for young Boteahh and his friends. But the ignorant American students have to learn about dhimma too.


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