Synagogue re-opens, without Jews

 The renovated Beirut synagogue is about to re-open

I have to confess I was reluctant to join the media circus promoting the re-opening of the reconstructed Maghen Avraham synagogue in Beirut. What purpose can this renovation serve, except as a publicity stunt for Hezbollah? The last Jew in the old Jewish Wadi Abu Jamil neighbourhood, Lisa Srour, has died and the few remaining Jews live too far to walk to the synagogue in the doubtful event of services ever being held.  Was Isaac Arazi’s Israel-bashing outburst, reported by Jewish Press, really necessary? Only if you happen to know that he runs a food-machinery business, which has 1, 000 customers in Lebanon. His dhimmi statement is a small price (or Jizya) to pay to buy security for himself and his business. (With thanks: Eliyahu)

The Jewish community in Lebanon has officially denounced the State of
Israel as the country’s sole synagogue prepares to reopen in Beirut.

“We have no connection to those who wanted to live in Palestine and
kill innocent people,” Isaac Arazi, head of Lebanon’s dwindling Jewish
community, announced to a reporter.

He spoke with the London-based A-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper in an interview this week ahead of the impending reopening of Magen Avraham, the only remaining synagogue in Lebanon.

Founded in 1925, Magen Avraham was one of 16 synagogues in Beirut,
named for the son of Abraham Sassoon, Moise Abraham Sassoon of Calcutta,
and built on land donated by Isaac Mann. The synagogue is located in
the former Jewish district of Wadi Abu Jamil in Beirut and was allegedly
abandoned after shelling destroyed the building during the Lebanese
Civil War in the 1970s.

During the 1982 Lebanon War with Israel, the Palestine Liberation
Organization forces headed by terrorist Yasser Arafat holed up in the
Jewish neighborhood. They used the synagogue as a shield, forcing
Israeli pilots to attempt a surgical air strike that failed, further
damaging the building.

Renovations in process since May 2009 were estimated at approximately
$1 million. “We even raised money from Lebanese Jews outside the
country – but Christians and Muslims have also helped us renovate,”
Arazi noted. “Even the company that is responsible for development and
rehabilitation of Beirut helped us in accordance with the law that the
state should help to renovate houses of worship.”

Arazi said as head of the community, he spoke for all of the
remaining few dozen Jews who are left in the country north of Israel,
home also to the Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Although the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist organization, an
Iranian proxy, is committed to Israel’s destruction, the group claimed
it has no problem with the Jews in its midst.


One woman who was interviewed, “Sonia,” age 60, said that although
she stayed with her Gentile husband and children when the rest of her
family made aliyah, her in-laws nevertheless were opposed to her because
of her faith.

Still, she told the newspaper, “There’s no such thing as Zionist or
Jewish. The Jews are all one, and there’s no way to run from their
(My emphasis)

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Jewish newspaper and passport of a Lebanese Jew. The term ‘Israelite’ was common as a substitute for ‘Jewish’: it lead to the conflation of ‘Jew’ and ‘Israeli’, Lebanese Jews complain.

Al-Awsat feature on the Jews of Lebanon (Arabic – with thanks: Sharon)

It pays to restore synagogues in the Arab world


  • Most arab countries would be hell for Jews just as it is for Christians today. Israel is a god-send for Jews, the only Jewish nation on Earth! Even if Israel was not founded, the US would still be powerful and want Oil from the Middle Eastern nations and Jews being a powerful block in the US would still be blamed by our Muslim "friends". The Ultra Orthodox is the key to Jewish survival without it we will be over run by Muslims..

  • Glad you posted about it… Since you were the only one that spelled Maghen correctly lol

    I also don't know what Arazi is talking about…. I'm no big fan of Israel after what they did to our people (ALL non-ashkenazim)… But at the end of the day most jews in Lebanon felt that we as a Jewish people needed a state (not that we wanted leave Lebanon) and even the Christians felt that we needed one their high priest was an open Zionist (his name slips me now believe it was igor).

    • Archbishop Ignace Mubarak of Beirut*

      Also not sure why Arazi would defend Palestinians since they kinda started the civil war in Lebanon… And if he still cares for them that much he should protest how the Lebanese government is treating them in those "refugee camps".


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