Jew wants to join Moroccan Islamists

 Jewish lawyer Isaac Charia 

Why would a Jew become an Islamist? Because he despairs of the state of  Moroccan politics. But will the PJD partyaccept Isaac Charia as a member?  This is an opportunity for party leader Abdelilah Benkiran, who is also Prime Minister,  to show his ‘moderate’ credentials. (With thanks: Michelle)

 Diversity Watch reports:

In a first, Isaac Charia, a Moroccan Jewish lawyer who is based in
Rabat, submitted an application to join the Moroccan Islamist political
party “PJD”

Mr. Charia said that
he was a supporter of the party’s agenda and that he wanted to join in
order to work for change and to help the party in its efforts to fight
corruption and improve 
transparency in governance and politics.

being a small community in Morocco, many Moroccan Jews are active in
politics, from the halls of the royal palace to the grassroots work in
political parties.

Update: the BBC has a report (French) 

I would rather a competent Jew over my incompetent Muslim party members’ – Benkiran (with thanks: Noam)  

‘What you see is what you get’ – an assessment of PM Benkiran by blogger Noam Nir

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