Gina Waldman : I escaped with my life

With thanks: Michelle

 Gina Waldman slept in a bathtub when she and her sister spent two years in a small apartment in Rome, arriving as refugees from Libya in 1967 before finally resettling in the USA. Here she tells her dramatic story of escape to Ezra Levant, talk show host at the Toronto TV station Sun News. 

My only gripe is this introduction:

Ezra talks to Gina Waldman, a Libyan Jew whose family was kicked out of the country because of the creation of Israel.

Gina Waldman was not kicked out because of the creation of Israel. She left almost 20 years after the creation of Israel as a result of Libyan antisemitism.

That antisemitism singled out Jews whose families had lived in Libya for generations – some for thousands of years.

It must be pointed out that some of the worst anti-Jewish agitation took place before the creation of Israel: over 130 Libyan Jews were massacred in 1945 and thousands made homeless.

Read Gina’s personal story in more detail

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