Israelis all at sea over Tunis ban

 The cruise ship Norwegian Jade

Israeli tourists travelling on a Norwegian cruise liner were prevented from disembarking at a stop at the Port of Tunis, the Times of Israel reports. Yet Tunisian Jews with Israeli passports are not usually turned away.  What is going on?

Israeli passengers were told quietly by staff aboard the Norwegian Jade
that they were not welcome per the Tunisian government during the stop,
B’nai Brith Canada said in a statement Sunday. The organization had
been contacted by a Jewish Canadian passenger on the ship. 

There were about 20 Israelis on board the
ship, according to Haaretz. They did not know in advance that they would
be required to remain on the ship during the day-long stop.

Jewish passengers who were not Israeli were permitted to disembark in Tunis.

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Update: Reader Sylvia says that Israeli passport-holders require a visa to enter to Tunisia. The failure to apply for Tunisian visas was a blunder by the travel agency which booked the cruise. 


  • Israelis need a visa to Tunisia. Even those who are also Tunisian need a visa if they're entering Tunisia with an Israeli passport. Their travel agency apparently goofed.

  • Israeli Tunisians should demand their houses and streets and schools and synagogues and businesses back…


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