Minority rights champion insulted

Human rights and women’s groups in Yemen understand the importance  for society as a whole that minorities – such the dwindling numbers of Jews ( there are fewer than 100 now) – should be granted equal rights.  It is therefore disheartening to see attempts being made to discredit activists such as the Nobel-prize-winning Tawakkul Karman. From Elder of Ziyon:

Arabic media reports:

“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” is applicable
for Tawakkul Karman, a hijab-wearing Yemeni Muslim woman, who demanded (on video) that Yemeni Jews be given the right to be nominated to presidency, local councils and the parliament, in a step that Yemenis described as “outrageous“.

Yemeni activists said: “It is not strange for someone who belongs to the
(Muslim) Brotherhood to say this. After all, Issam Eryan also demanded
that the Jews return to Egypt and that their possessions be given back
to them. This video is the price that Tawakkul paid for getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

Karman did receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.

Here’s the video, from a UN webcast, that is getting her these insults:

Kerman: Concerning the religious minorities: We stress the
necessity of equality for Jewish Yemeni citizens to their fellow
citizens in enjoying all political rights, including the right to be
nominated to the parliament, to local councils and the presidency.

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