Christians: ‘We may follow our Jewish brothers’

 Woman at a Catholic church in Basra, Iraq (Photo: AP)

At least 38 people have died in bomb attacks in Christian areas of Baghdad, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Soon there may not be any Christians left. The  parallel with the plight of Iraq’s Jews is not lost on Monsignor Pios Cacha of St Joseph’s church, where 14 were killed. (With thanks: Maier)

A car bomb targeted a church in the Iraqi capital on Wednesday as
worshippers left after Christmas Mass, killing at least 14 people, most
of them Christians, security officials said.

The blast in the Dura area of south Baghdad also wounded more than 30 people, the sources said.

“The attack targeted the church, and most of the martyrs are
Christians,” a police colonel. “The attack happened when worshippers
were leaving the church” after a service.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

“Attacks distort the image of Islam and religion, if they are
carrying them out in the name of religion,” Monsignor Pios Cacha of
Baghdad’s St. Joseph church said.

“The church is a place of love and peace, and not for wars,” Cacha said.

Earlier in the year, Cacha had said that “maybe we will
follow in the steps of our Jewish brothers,” referring to a
once-thriving community that is now practically non-existent.

Iraq has seen its Christian population sharply decline in the years since 2003.

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  • And pray who incites people to hate others certainly not Jews! however the fist thing told me when we were refugees in Italiy:
    "You deserve everything you get, you killed Christ

  • this item about the flight of Christians from Iraq brought to mind not only the Farhud of 1941 but prior massacres of Assyrians in Iraq. See link:

    We also know that over the past 10 1/2 years, tens of thousands of Iraqi Muslims have been slaughtered by fellow Muslims [over the Shi`a-Sunni split]. This info in turn sheds light on an old controversy concerning the twilight of the Jewish community in Iraq. Two or more bombs [don't recall the exact number] struck the Iraqi Jews after Israel became independent. Anti-Zionists have claimed that it was Zionist agents who planted the bombs to frighten the Jews into leaving. This latter view implies that the Arab Muslim population there was basically well-disposed to the Jews and that the Jews could have stayed in that country safely and with respect for their persons and property.

    Without getting into the nuances of the dispute, the way the Iraqi Arab Muslims have treated Christian natives of the country, as well as how they have treated each other [along the Shi`a-Sunni axis] as well as the pre-1948 history of the country, gives support to the contention that those bombs against the Jews in Baghdad were planted by Arab Muslims. After all, that's the kind of thing that they do [obviously there are exceptions]. They have a high capacity for hate. And when they hate somebody, they blow him up with his wife, children, parents, cousins, etc. That is their behavior pattern. I can't take the anti-Zionist claim seriously in view of today's everyday reality in that country.


  • The US should delegate sompe of its powers! They just cannot be everywhere at the same time!

  • so the greatest, the worst persecution of Xians in Iraq took place after the US liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein. Now Obama and John Kerry want to help us "make peace." But their peacemaking record is not very good. Let's tell Kerry to stay home and not make our lives hell.


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