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Tzipi Livni (Photo: Flash 90)

As peace talks lurch forward between Israel and the Palestinians, the burning question is whether Tzipi Livni, Israel’s chief negotiator, will address the issue of the Jewish refugees from Arab countries and link it to Palestinian refugee claims. Levana Zamir, a delegate to the World Jewish Congress executive committee meeting in Jerusalem, managed to pose the question to Livni. But the answer she got was disappointing.

Here is Levana’s report:

At the closing session of the World Jewish Congress Executive Committee,
gathering on 23 October in Jerusalem, presided by Ronald Lauder, one
of the Israeli VIP guest speakers was Tzipi Livni, Minister of Justice.

 “I cannot share with you of course, the content of the
negotiations,” said Livni among other things, “but I can tell you that
the proposal of ‘one country for two peoples’ is in no way an option, but two
separate states, a Jewish state and a Palestinian one.

“My main concern during
negotiations is the security of Israel. I met recently with a Jew from an Arab
country, who told me that ‘one state for Jews and Arabs together will take us
back to the very bad situation we had to flee from.”

So it was a great opportunity during the Q&A session, open to the
audience, to present our “burning” question:

I introduced myself as
President of the Association of the Jews of Egypt  and as a member of the WJC General

“In September 2012,” I said, “the WJC brought the Jewish
Refugees issue to the United Nations opening session, asking for recognition of
the million Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries. But as we say, “Charity begins at home”, and no doubt the Jewish refugees
issue is a good tool during negotiations, and as a “balance” to the
Palestinian refugee problem. So my question to you is: do you remember us ?”

“The answer is yes, ” said
Livni, “but – the Palestinian refugee problem has no connection with
the Arab countries”.

This was Tzipi Livni’s answer, short and clear. “There is no
connection between the Palestinian refugees and the Arab countries.”

(“The other two guest speakers were MK Isaac Herzog and Minister Naftali
Bennett, hosted by Shella Safra, WJC Treasurer. In his speech, Minister Bennett
brought the Hizbollah as an example. He said: “the Hizbollah are fighting
us, although they have no demands for land. Their only reason is: they do not
want us here at all”.)

Arutz Sheva report


  • "Surrenderist diplomacy' – I like it. But it is scandalous that with Danny Ayalon gone the Israeli government reverts to type on the issue of Jews from Arab countries.
    The Palestinians will continue to deny linkage as long as the Arab League is not involved in the talks.

  • Livni shows her unforgivable ignorance in denying a link between the Jewish refugees from Arab lands & the palestinian Arab refugees. Or more precisely, "There is no connection between the Palestinian refugees and the Arab countries."

    In fact, the palestinian Arab leadership –the Arab Higher Committee for palestine– was part of the Arab League from the start of that body and approved the measures against the Jews in Arab lands and is responsible with other League members for those measures and for their consequences.

  • Tsipi Livni is not, as they say, the sharpest pencil in the box. Read what Carolyn Glick write about her in the Jpost back in 2006, etc.

    She belongs to Shimon Peres-Yossi Beilin-Alon Liel school of surrenderist diplomacy. Levana should keep on agitating on this issue.

  • Levana did the right thing putting Livni on the spot. Kol HaKavod.

    The answer she received only confirms what I have written here over three weeks ago:

    …The issue is used by the right when it serves their purpose and buried when it doesn't. You can be certain that as they negotiated about negotiating for this last round of talks the Palestinians demanded that this issue be taken off the agenda, ruining the career of Danny Ayalon in the process.

    This is why I have always maintained that the issue of the refugees must be non-governmental and must seek independent funding.

  • I can't imagine ever going back to Egypt and even less see all the Arab refugees settling in a country they had no hand in buiding!!!do not for a moment even imagine it will come about!
    It's all a question of annoyhing us and they hope by that that we shall shut up and forget what they did to Middle Eastern JEws.
    I'd like to know who has our money and villas and this sort of stuff!


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