Egypt to try six Israelis as spies

US comedian Jon Stewart, who is Jewish, is hauled onto Bassam Youssef’s Egyptian TV satirical show hooded ‘as a spy’.

Another nail in the coffin for Egyptian-Israeli relations as six Israelis and three Egyptians are to be tried for spying, the Jerusalem Post reports (with thanks: Desi):


CAIRO – An Egyptian state security prosecutor said on
Wednesday he had ordered six Israelis and three Egyptians to be tried
for spying.

In a statement, he said the six Israelis and one
Egyptian would be tried in absentia, along with two Egyptians now in
custody, on charges of espionage for Israel.
Israeli suspects include four intelligence officers who Egyptian
authorities say had recruited the Egyptians to spy for them, a source in
the prosecutor’s office said.

The prosecutor’s statement said the
Egyptians were accused of giving the Israelis information that could
damage Egyptian national security, including details on the security
situation in Egypt and the location of army bases in the Sinai

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said he
did not know of any Israeli under arrest or being charged in Egypt. “It
is unclear where such odd rumours emanate from,” he said.

This month Egyptian authorities detained an Egyptian they said had been recruited by Israeli spy agency Mossad in 2011.

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  • Yes, well, the IDF is sooooo likely to attack Egyptian army bases, as opposed to simply being concerned about terrorists operating in the Sinai that are likely to attack anyone and everyone, including the Egyptian army.

    Anywhere else in the world, the two defence forces would be cooperating with each other for obvious reasons!


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