Rabbi Yahya Youssef’s last stand


Rabbi Yahya Youssef, minus the traditional peot (sidelocks), interviewed on Yemen TV (with thanks: Ahuva)

 Rabbi Yahya Youssef heads the last redoubt of Yemeni Jews – expelled from their hometown by the rebel Houthis in 2008 and locked in a compound in the capital San’a. His efforts to gain equality for his community seem sadly pathetic. Blogger Elder of Ziyon has this post:


A Yemen website reports
that the leader of Yemen’s Jewish community, Yahya Youssef, has urged
that the nation halts its incitement against Jews published in the media
and in school curricula.

Last week he said that the Jews of Yemen do not want a separate school system,
but are happy to send their children to public schools where they learn
Arabic and Islam; they learn English and Hebrew afterwards, it seems.
Even so, he said that the Jewish children are harassed in school.
Youssef is demanding equality.  (..)

Youssef also complained about the Houthis who drove the Jewish community
out of the al-Salem area of Saada with little notice; they claimed that
the Jews drank alcohol, a charge that Youssef denies – he says that
Yemenite Jews don’t even drink the wine that Judaism allows.

He says that a priceless library was left behind in Sadaa and he wants to ensure its safety.

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