‘Jews of Egypt’ film cleared for screening

“Jews of Egypt” will screen on March 27, director Amir Ramses said on
Wednesday after the censor’s office told him it had decided to license
the film.

He said the censor had attributed the hold-up to concerns on the part of
security officials, highlighting the influence that security agencies
still wield after the 2011 revolution that swept former President Hosni
Mubarak from power.

The film depicts changes in Egyptian society’s acceptance of its Jewish minority in the first half of the 20th century.

Most Jews fled the country due to attacks on their community,
particularly after the 1956 war, when Israel invaded Egypt along with
Britain and France, which were trying to regain control of the Suez

The film was initially approved last year by the censor’s office, but its license had expired in October, Ramses said.

When reviewing the most recent request for a license, Abdel Sattar
Fathy, head of the censorship office, said he had come across a security
note stating that the film was not for “public screening due to it
being a documentary.”


  • I really don't know what this film will solve Anyway not take us back to Egypt, not after all the insults and beatings received not forgetting the jailing of young Jewish men accused of making signals to Israel planes from their balcony!
    Israel never flew over Cairo.
    will that film point out all this? I wonder!

  • Since when is a documentary not been available for the public? They are really clutching at straws to try to justify their bullshit


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