‘Real Iranian bomb’ Rita to perform at UN

It’s something of a coup that the Israeli ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, has been able to get singer Rita to perform at the UN General Assembly. YNet News has the story (with thanks: Elsie):

Iranian-born Israeli singer Rita, whose albums are being sold on
black market, is about to make history once again: On March 5 she will
perform at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, an
privilege shared by few artists in the past, including Beyoncé.

Rita will perform songs in Persian from her latest album,
“My Joys,” as well as some of her greatest hits.

The performance is expected to be
viewed by the UN secretary-general, the General Assembly president,
ambassadors and diplomats, leaders of the Jewish and Iranian communities
and American artists.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor will address the audience before Rita takes the stage.

“The world will get to see the real Iranian bomb – Rita,” he jokes.
According to the ambassador, “The sounds usually heard at the
General Assembly hall are of condemnation and criticism against us.

During Rita’s performance, different sounds will echo – sounds of hope,
peace and multiculturalism.

This is the real sound of Israel.

 “While we connect people through music, the only instruments the Iranian leadership plays on are the drums of war.”

Rita’s performance at the UN was devised when Prosor attended the singer’s concert in New York several months ago.

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