More Jewish graves desecrated in Tunisia

Francis Levy inspecting tombstones desecrated by vandals with Nazi swastikas.

For the second time in a fortnight, Jewish gravestones have been desecrated in Tunisia, Haaretz reports (with thanks: Lily) :

On February 4, unidentified individuals smashed and overturned ten
gravestones in Kef in Western Tunisia, according to the Tunisia News

An earlier incident in the coastal Tunisian town of Sousse left more
than 68 Jewish graves ransacked and looted on January 23, according to
the Tunisian Shems FM radio station.

The last Jew left Kef in 1984, according to, a French news
site. It quoted Yves Kamhi, a Jewish lawyer, as saying some human
skeletons were found outside their graves.

Some 1,700 Jews live in Tunisia, according to the European Jewish Congress. They numbered 100,000 in 1948.

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Sousse cemetery vandalised


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  • The Islamists are showing the world who they are!!!
    As i said before, these reprehnsible acts annoy the living not the dead. The dead are watching from above énd laughing and waiting for the 'return of the stick" as they say in French (le retour du baton).
    When we see the state of non-right in Tunisia, we cannot but rejoice that we Jzws from Arab countries haver been kicked out!


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