Snapshots of a vanished world: Jewish Tunisia

With thanks : Dominique and Michelle Malca

The Picture-A-Day website has unveiled more photographs from its Tunisian-Jewish collection.

The above mother and daughter picture, taken 150 years ago on the Tunisian seashore, pops up in three different photographic collections – the Jewish Postcard Collection, the Yeshiva University Museum’s collection and the Comfort Collection.

 This photograph shows keeners, or paid mourners, wearing the  traditional conical headdresses, in a Tunisian Jewish cemetery.

Another good resource is the archive of the Jewish humanitarian agency, the American JointDistribution Committee. Here’s a wonderful picture of an exercise class taken at the Alliance school in Tunis in 1954.

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  • Great pictures. Just goes to show that we were civilised a very long time before the others.
    sorry for being so proud of my Jewish heritage.It's in my blood and nothing or no one can change that!
    sultana latifa


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