Second Jew murdered in Iran (updated)

 Daniel Mahgerefteh: ‘refused to marry his girlfriend after dishonouring her’

Update: The Algemeiner, quoting Israel’s Channel 2, reports that charges against the woman accused of being involved in the murder of a Jewish man in Iran have been dropped after investigators said that
“if you were involved in killing a Jew, you did a good deed.”

The daughter of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard is thought to have conspired in her Jewish boyfriend’s murder. The Authorities are at pains to downplay the sectarian aspect of the murder, the second of a Jew in as many months. The Times of Israel reports: (with thanks Michelle; Lily)

A Jewish man who was in a romantic relationship with the daughter of a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was murdered in his Tehran apartment last week. The Jewish community suspects the woman of complicity in the killing of Daniel Mahgerefteh, 24, who belonged to one of Iran’s wealthier Jewish families, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported on Wednesday night.

According to Armin Avi Kreuznacher, an Iranian-born Jew who emigrated from the country in 2010,

Mahgerefteh was killed by the woman’s family after the two had intimate relations and he refused to marry her.

“The murder was carried out as revenge for dishonoring the family,” said Kreuznacher, who currently resides in Germany .

Police investigators reportedly told the woman that she had “done a good deed.”

Daniel Mahgerefteh, an Iranian Jew who was murdered in Tehran in December 2012, reportedly after he ‘dishonored’ the family of a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard by refusing to marry his daughter (photo credit: Channel 2 screen capture)

However, Iranian authorities maintained that Mahgerefteh was killed during a robbery.

 According to the official account, the killer, who was acquainted with Mahgerefteh, came to his apartment armed with a gun and shot his host in the back. He then stole his car, eventually parking it on one of Tehran’s streets and hiding from the authorities.

Police reportedly apprehended the alleged murderer, who confessed to the deed.

Menashe Amir, an expert on Iran’s Jewish community, told The Times of Israel that the official account of Mahgerefteh’s murder was rife with inconsistencies.

The Jewish community is afraid following Mahgerefteh’s murder, the second of its kind in as many months, he said.

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  • to the other anonimous
    you are right of course. But shall we ever know the true story?
    sultana latifa
    (author of "The Jasmine Necklace trilogy"

  • Fair point, Bill. At this point, we don't really know whether Mahgerefteh spurned the woman, simply refused to convert in order to wed her or if the woman's family came up with this story to give them a cover for ridding the IRG big shot of the stain of a Jewish interloper entering the family. Very possibly, the young woman is under threat of death from her family and unlikely to give any honest account.

  • I am always amazed at the way men behave!
    They entice, cajole and then when they get what they want pfft goodbye!
    He should have thought with his head rather than….

  • In Islam it is forbidden for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man, so I am having some trouble with the idea that Mahgerefteh was killed because he refused to marry his girlfriend. I can see the relationship itself causing trouble, and the sex in which they reportedly engaged even more so, but was marriage really what the girlfriend and her family wanted? I suppose they might have wanted him to convert to Islam and then marry her, but it seems unlikely.


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