Mysterious letter claims to speak for Egypt’s Jews

 The letter links to a Facebook page festooned with Egyptian and Israeli flags

Following a senior Muslim Brotherhood official’s appeal to Jews from Egypt to return, a mysterious letter purporting to come from an unknown organisation of Egyptian Jews based in Paris and headed by “William”, has surfaced.

The letter, signed by one Youssef Khoury, is emblazoned with a large Israeli flag but suspiciously lacks contact details.

It congratulates President Morsi of Egypt on passing the new constitution and welcomes the prospect that the rights of Egyptian Jews and property worth $30 billion might be restored. The invitation to return from Issam al-Aryan, the senior Muslim Brotherhood official, is ‘clear evidence to open a dialogue with us.’

For their part  “Wiliam “and his organisation will promise not to get the Knesset to pass a law and will refrain from sueing in the international courts to get their property back. The letter wryly notes that Albert Metzger, who owned a collection of Alexandria hotels, left Egypt with just the shirt on his back. (He is one of the few Egyptian Jews to resort to the courts and win his case, at least in principle).

According to the letter, “William”’s organisation  ‘has over 100 projects that will restore Egypt’s standing and solve its global crisis’. But  President Morsi has not reacted to the offer, and did not even respond to an earlier letter of congratulations.

The letter links to a Facebook page  festooned with Egyptian and Israeli flags, but a Menorah and the word MOSSAD  give the game away. If you think this might be a feeler put out by the Egyptian government, the joke’s on President Morsi. This is a spoof exposing Al-Aryan’s invitation as the absurdity it surely is. And Youssef Khoury (his Facebook picture is below) is Egypt’s answer to Sacha Baron Cohen.

It’s good to know that when they seem to have lost everything else, some Egyptians have retained the sense of humour for which they are famous. 


  • There are idiots everywhere and all over the world, and we have our own idiot here in Israel, claiming lately he is speaking on behalf of the Jews from Egypt and sending his opinions to every site and media. I wish he will be discovered soon as an "idiot" too…

  • Thanks for answering. you know Jewish Khourys that's OK then.The ones I knew were Oriental Catholics
    We live and learn

  • NO really it's all a nokta.(joke)
    KHOURY is not Jewish name.
    Not to be taken seriously


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