Call for Jews to return to Egypt sparks debate

 Update: the Muslim Brotherhood has rejected Essam El-Arian’s call for Jews to return to Egypt, according to the Arabic mediaElaph(with thanks: Norma)

Update to the update:  According to Israel Hayom, Islamic Jihad has now called for the resignation of Essam al-Erian and the death of returning Jews. (with thanks: Lily)

Final update:  Essam el-Arian has resigned.


A Muslim Brotherhood official’s call on Egyptian TVfor Egyptian Jews to return to Egypt – even though they supported the ‘occupation (of Palestine) –  has met with a barrage of criticism from within Israel and Egypt. (With thanks: Lily)

(JTA) -– A Cairo-born Israeli* has grabbed headlines in leading Arab
media with a letter mocking a top Egyptian official’s call for the
return of Egypt’s Jews from Israel.

Azi Nagar’s letter, which received coverage in Al-Hayat and Al Ahram, ridicules the call made last week by Essam al-Erian, deputy head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party and an adviser to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

“I basically asked al-Erian a few questions about my impending
return,” Nagar told JTA, “like whether he would compensate me for my
family’s house, which the government confiscated when we left for
Israel, or whether I would have to join the destitute homeless and
jobless who live in Cairo’s cemeteries.”

In a televised speech last week, al-Erian urged Jews to leave Israel
in order to “make room for the Palestinians” and said Israel will cease
to exist in the next decade.

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Here is the transcript of the MEMRI TV clip:

Issam Al-‘Aryan: Most of the Egyptian people are Muslims. Our
Arab Islamic culture was shared by the Christians, the Muslims, and even
the Jews who used to live here. I wish the Jews would return to Egypt
in order to make room for the Palestinians. The Palestinians would
return to their country, and the Arab Jews would return to their

Interviewer: Are you welcoming the Egyptian Jews…

Issam Al-‘Aryan: The Jews deported by Abd Al-Nasser should return. Why did he deport them?!

Interviewer: So they should get their property back?

Issam Al-‘Aryan: They supported the occupation. Every Egyptian
has the right to return, especially if he would be making room for a
Palestinian. I want to enable the Palestinians to return to their land.
The Right of Return cannot be ignored or relinquished.

Interviewer: But the right to return is unconditional, right? An Egyptian who left his country has the right to return to it.

Issam Al-‘Aryan: I am calling upon them: Egypt is worthier of
you than Israel. Why do you live in a racist, occupying entity? Why do
you allow yourselves to be soiled with war crimes, for which the
occupation leaders will be punished? They will not escape punishment. 

ABC News carries the Associated Press report alleging that Al-Aryan’s remarks met with criticism inside Egypt:

“The criticism ran an unusual gamut of Egyptians’ attitudes toward Jews, Israel and the Brotherhood itself.

Some denounced the Brotherhood for trying to put up a veneer of
tolerance by inviting Jews to return while Egypt’s other religious
minorities, particularly Christians, are increasingly worried about
persecution under the new Islamist rulers and an Islamist-slanted

“Others saw the comments as a sort of outreach to Zionists, considered
the enemy, and as a new example of how the Brotherhood has had a hard
time melding its longtime anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish rhetoric with its
new responsibilities since coming to power. Under Morsi — who hails
from the Brotherhood — the government has continued cooperation with
Israel, upheld the two countries’ peace deal and Morsi last month helped
mediate a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel.

Mideast Egypt Brotherhood Jews.JPEG

The restoration of the Maimonides synagogue in Cairo (Photo: AP)

“Some warned that el-Erian was opening the door for Egyptian Jews to
demand compensation for property taken from them or left behind in Egypt
and could even undermine the Palestinians’ right to return to homes in
Israel. Still others were simply outraged that a Brotherhood official
would invite back Jews, and one hardline Islamist politician threatened
any Jews who come back.

And there were a few voices calling for Egypt to sincerely look at past
treatment of its Jewish community — including why they left or were
expelled — and whether they should have the right to return.

“Speaking on private ONTV, historian Khaled Fahmy suggested taking
el-Erian’s comments at face value. “I am taking the call seriously. I
would like to see it in part as respectable, as addressing morals and
high principles.” He said Egyptians should talk about the past “harm to
Egyptian Jews” and consider them as still having Egyptian nationality.

“I wish this was put to a public discussion,” he said.”

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*Nagar reportedly heads an Association for the Promotion of Compensation for Jews from Arab Lands 

Et tu Morsi? In 2010 TV interview the Egyptian president said: Jews are apes, piugs and bloodsuckers (World Jewish Daily)


  • please pinch me!
    I am certain that all of us Jews from Egypt have no wish
    to go back.
    What do they think their country is? Paradise?
    We are now respected and protected something they did not give us
    sultana latifa
    I do not forget that I am a Jewish refugee from Egypt

  • This is beyond idiotic. They may as well proclaim that henceforth Jews can travel to the moon.

  • The Ikwan gang in charge in Cairo are really in a pickle, aren't they? May the rest of the Islamists in the MENA stew in their own hateful xenophobic juices.


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