Tunisian plot in Zarzis to kidnap Jews is foiled

 With thanks: Kouichi

An army truck has been stationed protecting the entrance to the Zarzis Jewish quarter since the plot was foiled. The synagogue is 30 metres behind  (with thanks: Kouichi)

A terrorist plot to kidnap and ransom Jews in the Tunisian resort of Zarzis and encourage the remaining Jews to leave the country has been foiled. The ring has been broken up and its members arrested and sent for trial in Tunis.

According to Tunisian news sources, a Salafist (hardline Islamist) police officer masterminded the plot. The officer was a member of a special security unit set up by the previous Ben Ali regime to protect the Jews. The policeman borrowed money from the bank to finance the operation and recruit young Tunisians to his plan.

Zarzis is a town in southwestern Tunisia not far from the island of Djerba where 1, 500 Jews still live. The plan was to kidnap the Jews on a Friday evening when they were having their seaside walk. The police officer had bought firearms and a car registered in Libya, and rented other vehicles.

UPI article (Arabic – with thanks: Lily) 

JTA report 


Ynet News

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  • What a plot!! Worthy of a James Bond film!
    So the Tunisians are aware of the hatred against their Jews?
    Jew hatred knows no bounds!
    sultana latifa


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