Arabs fear the Jews want their property back

Interior of the Ben Ezra synagogue, Cairo – the oldest in Egypt

It is notable that keen Arab pressinterest in the Israeli campaign for international recognition of Jews from Arab countries has translated into fear that ‘the Jews want their property back’.

Elder of Ziyon blog has located a report that a British law firm is said to be suing for compensation for vast amounts of Jewish property in Yemen.

EoZ also points to a report in the Egyptian newspaper Shabab Ahram (rough English version). Apparently this report is based on an article by Eli Bradenstein in the Hebrew daily Maariv of 10 August (link unavailable) entitled “Israeli campaign for international recognition of Jews from Arab countries.”

The Shabab article repeats Bradenstein’s piece word for word, except for one important difference. It claims that on 21 September at the UN General Assembly Danny Ayalon, Israel’s deputy foreign minister, will ask for the restitution of abandoned Jewish-owned land and property in Egypt worth $21 billion- including synagogues, Jewish hospitals and Cairo’s entire Jewish quarter. In fact, Danny Ayalon has said nothing of the kind. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proposed an international compensation fund be set up for all refugees.
The Shabab article quotes so-called expert on Israeli affairs Tawhid Magdi. Magdi believes that Israel wants to link the Palestinian ‘right of return’ with the return of Jewish assets nationalised by Nasser’s decree no. 66 of 1971.

Point of No Return has learned that another Egyptian newspaper (El-Fagr)makes the uncorroborrated claim that the head of the Cairo Jewish community, Carmen Weinstein, is attending a conference on Jewish refugees being held on 10 September in Jerusalem.

It is not the first time that the Egyptian press and media have tried to smear Mrs Weinstein as a disloyal Egyptian.


  • Don't be so sure. all of a sudden you might see Arab states lining up to pay off the claims if it means they can call Israel's bluff and force them to flood Israel with 5 million Arabs.

  • If I recall correctly, it is long-standing Israeli policy that compensation will be paid for abandoned Arab property in Israel only when the Muslim countries agree to pay compensation for the property confiscated from Jewish refugees.


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