Yemen rabbi alleges fraud by Jews back from Israel

What are we to make of this Yemen Observer story alleging fraud of public funds by three Jews ? We know that the enclave of 70 Jews who had been offered sanctuary in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a by the former president Saleh cannot support themselves and are desperately short of funds. This episode gives Rabbi Yehyeh Yousef Musa another opportunity to show his flock’s loyalty to Yemen – hence his dig at the Yemeni-Israeli ‘fraudsters’.

The Yemeni Jewish Rabbi Yehya Yousef Mousa once again appealed to President Field Marshal Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi to urgently form a committee which will undertake the process of disbursing the financial aid provided by the President to the Yemeni Jewish cult residing in the residential city of Sa’awan, Sana’a and to forbid the disbursing of aid for Yemeni Jews traveling to Israel.

The Rabbi told the press that both Ezri Haron Zindani and Saameh Yousef Habib who reside in Israel, came to Yemen at the request of Habob, a Jew who recently received aid by devious ways.

The Rabbi warned President Hadi against the false claims of those individuals, stressing they were planning to return back to Israel after receiving their benefits.

‏The Rabbi who claims to want to establish trust in between the Muslim community and his own promised that he would not stand for any corruption or falsification of documents as Yemeni Jews were trying to enlist onto the state benefits records of family members who already resided in the Jewish state, hence stealing (from) Yemen.

‏“Such benefits are intended for the Jewish community residing in Yemen and no one else,” said the Rabbi.

‏He further denounced the wrong-doing of Zindani and Habob, calling them “criminals” and revealing that the two men had already booked their return tickets back to Israel.

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