Kabyle leader visits Israel (updated)

Interesting little snippet on AlterInfo.net that would have slipped under the media radar: the Kabyle leader Ferhat Mehenni paid an ‘official’ visit to Israel over the weekend, ostensibly to persuade Israel to ‘set up a military base’ in Kabylia, Algeria. Although it is not clear who Mehenni represents, and the idea of an Israeli military base in Kabylia belongs to the realms of fantasy, the visit is more evidence of the affinity Kabyles (Berbers) feel towards Israel in the common fight against Arabisation.

Update:Interview with Ferhat Mehenni (Jerusalem Post)

Le président du Gouvernement Provisoire Kabyle, Mehenni Ferhat, accompagné du Ministre des Relations Internationales, M. Lyazid ABID effectuent depuis dimanche 20/05/2012 une visite officielle en Israël.

Un agenda très chargé en rencontres politiques et diplomatiques est en voie de réalisation.

Ferhat Mehenni

Dès son arrivée à Jérusalem le marathon de la délégation kabyle a commencé en cette fête de la ville sainte avec son accueil par l’ex ambassadeur d’Israël en Mauritanie, M. Yigal Carmon, au siège de MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute).

Ce matin, la délégation a été reçue à la Knesset par son Vice-président M. Danny Danon avec lequel elle a eu une entrevue sur la situation en Kabylie et le sort fait au peuple kabyle par le régime raciste d’Alger.

Read article in full (French)

Interview with Ferhat Mehenni (Jerusalem Post)

Algerian author sparks uproar with visit to Israel


  • Algeria is the only Arab Muslim country that has no clear or identified jewish community, they allowed them to blend in the other minorities and build conflicts, Mhanni and other close group are jew descendants, they created a classified terrorist group in algeria called MAC and their designated flag and symbols is a gang sign in Algeria very visible and know in kabyle region of tizi ouzo, Islamphobic and arab hate is what spreads and fed by those jews since the liberations that allowed even those kabyle who fought with the colonizer to have a second chance and become good part of new Society, unfortunately those minorities have been well dragged into this sink whole, even those true history supports have been silenced and replaced by a forged history, … history teach us that bad people never win

  • Free kabylia c'est mr ferhat mehenni sur la photo pas Saïd Sadi
    Vive le mak vive le gpk vive la kabylie vive israel

  • Arabic culture is a a savage culture. Kabylia will free itself from the savages! (arabs). in 2016 Millions of Kabylians went to the street to request the freedom of Kabylia from the savages (arabs). Kabylia was independent before France created Algeria. Arabic have no respect for minorities, their cultures is the opposite of Kabylian culture. We respect women and life they hate women and love destruction and terrorism. We Kabylian all support MAK and GPK (Kabylian Government with Ferhat Mhenni as President). Some arabs write comments and they present themselves as Kabylian ! ..It is a pure lie and every Kabylia vomit anything related to Arabs. I am one of them and my wife and kids and brothers and sisters..as we say in Kabylian language ..Asa Azaka the Lakvayale anili!

  • Our Parents the Kabylia were courageous and defeated France. The arabs were hiding in the borders (in Oudja, Morocco) and Tunisia. In 1962 with the help of the egyptians and the communist russia, they entered the country liberated by the people of Kabylia. These cowards (the arabs) started their violence against Kabylia. in 1963 the savages (the arabs) invaded Kabylia and killed hundreds of Kabylian, raped women, burned houses. The regime of the coward ben bella and the psycho/crazy boumedienne (he imprisoned the rest of the Kabylian Hero Amirouche ..yes hard to believe, imprison dead people !, yet the crazy boumedienne did it! ..just google it). The dwarf bouteflika was hiding in Mali. All the generals (title that of course they do not deserve) after 1962 were in the French Army. It is hard to believe. Algeria is a HELL. peoples are dying trying to emigrate to Europe. Algeria was a paradise when governed by France ( for the French of course). My family fighted French ( I am a Kabylian) and today I deeply hate anything related to arabs. My kids too. People in the USA do not understand the brutality of the arabic culture. We Kabylian were independant (our own country) before France invaded North Africa in 1830. Kabylian people are tolerant and respect life contray to arabs. We will Free Kabylia again. Vive le MAK, Vive e GPK

  • By the way, it looks like Mehenni is no angel and a guy with a dirty agenda in head only to fulfill personal purpose and ambitions :
    It looks like myself and Lila are not the only Kabyle out there who despise this kind of opportunistic behavior of a guy who does not represent more than his little self :


    "a letter to the
    editor in the daily El Watan to denounce this "inopportune
    proclamation". "If Kabylie's situation is tragic in economic, social and
    security terms, it is, however, far from an emergency situation that
    might justify the establishment of a de facto established authority,"
    they observed". Any Kabyle militant, association, or political
    organization has the right to talk about Kabylie, think Kabylie, get
    involved or suggest political projects. But this does not authorize any
    individual, no matter how brave and eminent he might be, or any group,
    no ma! tter how involved and sincere it might be, to self-proclaim
    itself a representative of Kabylie, speak in its name and make a
    commitment about its future if they have not been legitimately
    authorized," they added. "

  • Sorry but Lila is the one who is right here. Typical of those extremist "Kabyle identitaire" who as soon as we point out how nonsense their views are (using the same hateful speech they reproached people using against them in the past) back fire saying you're "arab" (as though this should be an insult – no comment).
    I'm of Kabyle origin, born and raised in france though. I would never tolerate any alliance in my name or those of my people with a rogue state such as Israel or for any hateful tainted agenda or with any other rogue state, for that matter. Opposing arabisation is no ground to "eat with the devil" as we say in French. Kabylie deserves better leaders. Kabylie, because of its past mingling a hell of a lot of different cultures together – ancient greek, roman – we still use the roman calendar – celtic, Lapis, etc, deserves leaders that represents this beautiful mosaic.
    PS : I have jewish origins as half of my family does (Hedjem, anyone?). Though I always opposed people referring to me as being arab and constantly correct people around me and educate them as to why my 5,000 years old culture should not be mistaken as being "arab", I will certainly not adopt any kind of hateful speech/ideas or tolerate such stuff in the name of my people. Replacing hate by hate, really ? How would that solve any problem ? Pure idiocy indeed.

  • A healthy society should not tolerate any form of racism. I do wish everyone would give it a break and stop saying 'the Arabs this, the Muslim community that'. As an Algerian, I find it frustrating that half the time, these leaders are out of touch with the people they purport to represent. Those who own the gold love playing "divide & rule" game. We should not play their game. 123

  • Lila,
    You Kabyles do not countenance any alliance with Israel as 'we are anti-colonialists'. So are we! Jews like Berbers are the indigenous people of the Middle eAst and North Africa. It is the Arabs who are the colonial imperialists.
    Thx for point out error in photo caption – I will correct.

  • Lila, spoken like a true Arab propagandist. We actually have no problem with Jewish people, Chinese people, Martians… Our only problem is with your stupid Arabist – Islamist ideology of terrorism that is the enemy of not only Berbers but all humanity. Israel is very much loved by us Kabyles and we always cheered them against the Arab invaders of their land, just like they invaded ours. Now, run along and go back to whichever pro-Falastini site you came from…
    BTW, your Falastini "brothers" were sent to arabise the Kabyle people in their thousands. Some other reason to love Israel.

  • Mehenni represents his separatist movement, which is an ultra minority in kabylia, hence not kabyles as a whole. as far as an israeli military base goes, LOL,you are right, pure idiocy. even if we are extremely attached to our culture, we have no issues with regular arabs or our nation. assuming we did have issues with arabs, that would not imply any alliance with israel as we are anti-colonialists. the situation is complex ofcourse but this is the general idea – Lila


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