Ayalon: Jewish refugees must be on the agenda

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First reports are coming in of an important conference held today by Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon (pictured), on Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

According to a report of Reshet Bet of the Israel Broadcasting Corporation, Ayalon said that 850,000 dispossessed Jews from Arab countries must have justice. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs are hoping to run a publicity campaign to raise the issue of Jewish refugees and bring it to the international agenda.

To-date the issue of Jewish refugees has hardly been touched on, while the Palestinians enjoy permanent refugee status.

Mr Ayalon said that Arab League states need to assume their historic responsibility for creating both the Palestinian and the Jewish refugee problem. It is essential for the Jewish refugees to be part of the agenda in negotiations between Israel, the Palestinians and Arab states.

Read report in full (Hebrew)


  • Sylvia, it is true that you have heard the same hackneyed message over the years, but this is the first time that a deputy foreign minister has said it. It's not a throwaway line in a speech about some other topic, this time, Jewish refugees are THE issue.
    It's also the first time an Israeli government minister has laid the blame squarely at the door of the Arab League.

  • On it's face this makes sense. The Israeli failure is not to literally scream this 100 billion times and make it literally the only response to every single query, statement or announcement made by every last human voice on the planet from now and for the next 70 years nonstop. Just like what the Arabs did. Front and center, this is the ONLY issue and Israel will make it the ONLY issue from now until the end of time, or the end of Arabs, whichever comes first. The thing that Israel seems incapable of learning is that being fair and rational and nice have no place in any of this. And if it has to become violent, that's even better. Nothing less than total anger and hatred about this will move the discussion at all. I am dead serious.

  • He said nothing that hasn't been said last year or ten years ago.

    I am more than ever convinced that putting the matter in the hands of politicians is a recipe for more disaster.


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