Moroccans are bellyaching over Israel dancers

Another nail in the coffin for Arab-Israeli relations: Moroccans are upset at two Israeli women slated to join dancers at the May International Belly Dance Festival in Marrakesh, Israel Hayom reports. The Festival is also under fire for being “immodest.”

Ab-solutely opposed: Israeli belly dancers want to perform in Marrakech, but Moroccons are not to keen on having them.


Photo credit: Reuters

Officials in Marrakesh are shaking their heads at the idea of Israeli women shaking their hips in Morocco.

Several weeks before the third annual International Belly Dance Festival is set to open in Marrakech, bringing with it a swarm of beads, hip scarves and gyrating abdomens, several Moroccans are refusing to participate after learning that Israeli dancers will attend and shimmy with the rest of them.

Israelis Simona Guzman and Asi Haskal have added their names to the official list of participants. According to the Al Arabiya news network, both women will be at the festival to train participating dancers as well as show their stuff in the event’s official dances. But on Facebook and across the blogosphere, Moroccans are crying foul, calling the presence of Israelis in Morocco an atrocity and accusing the festival’s organizers of ignoring the wishes of the Moroccan public.

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  • We cannot be sectarian and force anyone to do anything. That's my view on life!
    YEsterday I saw a film on France 2 TV about the rounding up of FRench Jews. I can tell you that I dreamt of Hitler . what a monster. Even kids were taken to the camps
    sultana latifa

  • This isn't really related to this article, but I love your blog. I think it's very important that people around the world know more about the Mizrachi Jews. I think we would all be better off if all the Israelis adopted the Mizrachi customs. A lot of the Ashkenazi customs are too European, forced on us by whatever country we were living in. Mizrachi customs are the real Jewish, the ones that are authentically Middle Eastern.

  • Really I don't understand Morocco's attitude. Belly dancing was invented in Middle Eastern countries and now they call it indecent????
    When performed correctly it's a wonderful dance. Just remamber Tahia Carioca or Samia Gamal
    sultana latifa


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