Targeted Toulouse school founded by Syrian Jew

The victims of the Toulouse shooting at the Ozar Hatorah school

The founder of Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse – scene of the horrific murder of one of its teachers, his two children and the child of the headmaster – was a Syrian Jew, according to Reuters. Isaac Shalom opened a network of schools in Arab countries and Iran in the 1940s to respond to ‘disastrous educational conditions.’

The shooting marks a tragic turn for Ozar Hatorah, which was created in the wake of the Holocaust in the mid-1940s by a Syrian-born Jew intent on improving the lot of Jewish communities in the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2001 a classroom was burned down at a “Ozar Hatorah”, or “Treasure of the Torah”, school in the Paris suburb of Creteil, but the perpetrator turned out to be a pupil.

(Rabbi Jean-Paul) Amoyelle said Monday’s attack was a sign of growing danger.

“This was deliberate. Anti-semitic and deliberate, I have no doubt,” Amoyelle said by telephone as he was due to return to France. “I plan to install a zone of reinforced security.”

The creator of Ozar Hatorah, Isaac Shalom, opened schools in countries including Morocco, Iran, Libya and Syria to respond to what his network described as disastrous educational conditions.

As the region underwent upheaval and war following the creation of the state of Israel, Ozar Hatorah also followed the path of Jewish emigration, starting schools in France from the late 1960s as large numbers of North African Jews crossed the Mediterranean to escape heightened regional tensions.

“I was in France in 1967. I began with a school in Sarcelles (a Paris suburb), and there was already one in Lyon,” said Amoyelle, who now oversees 20 schools across Paris and cities like Marseille, Strasbourg and Aix-les-bains.

“These are schools that are perfectly integrated in the community,” he added, describing the educational program as offering two possibilities: a straightforward French education as well as a Jewish education rooted in history and religion.

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  • Where in heaven's name was it ever proven that Israel treats Arab children in a Nazi way!!!
    This is "shmals" as one of my university teachers used to say
    That guy who shot dead not only Jews but also army men did not need any further encouragement. It was already in his head.
    sultana latifa
    Trigano should shut up and not add to the hatred

  • I don't doubt that the demonisation Israel and misinformation about Israeli crimes against Palestinian children have contributed to such a climate.
    Some commentators are beginning to call for action against the dangerous incitement of young Muslims online and in the media. It's about time too!

  • Shmuel Trigano has an op ed in today's Maqor Rishon in which he argues that there is a climate in France [presumably among the "Left", I didn't read all of it] that justifies murdering Jewish children on the grounds that Israel treats Arabs ["palestinians"] in a Nazi-like manner.

    Such a climate may have encouraged Merah to do his horrors.

  • The Jewish schools are fair game for those nuts.
    I've been following the whole thing on different TVs. Ya sater: God protect our kids and Israel


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