Paris Jewish leader remonstrates with Tunis envoy

Protesters against normalisation with Israel demonstrating in Tunis

The leader of a Jewish organisation in Paris has challenged the Tunisian ambassador to France to confirm or deny that his government approved of the ‘scandalous declarations’ of the Committee for Arab Resistance and Support of the Fight against Normalisation with Israel.

Ahmed Kahlaoui, the Committee chairman, had called for a clause to be inserted in the new Tunisian constitution ‘against normalisation with the Zionist entity’ at a press conference in Tunis on 30 January. “The state of Israel had been created to dissolve the Arab nation”, he claimed. He declared that his Committee would set up a tent at the Bardo Museum in Tunis, a major tourist site, in order to stage a sit-in.

Roger Pinto of the Jewish organisation Siona expressed his consternation to the ambassador that the existence of Israel, a UN member, should be called into question. He hoped that the Arab Spring, in which people had invested such hopes, would not turn into a Tunisian Winter, much to the Tunisian people’s loss.

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  • instead of screaming in the streets, they should set about and rebuild their country!!!
    suzy vidal


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