Foreign office denies Jewish ‘right of return’ report

Jews are seeking a ‘right of return’ to Arab countries, claims this Israel Hayom article of 2 February. (With thanks: Levana)

Activists campaigning on behalf of Jews from Arab countries are said to be furious at a report in the Israeli daily Israel Hayom (recirculated by Yeshiva World) claiming that a Foreign ministry report will demand a ‘right of return’ for the 856,000 Jewish refugees driven from Arab countries in the last 60 years.

The article says that prime minister Bibi Netanyahu was in favour of a ‘trade-off’ between Arab and Jewish refugees.

However, a foreign ministry spokesman denied that the report contains such a demand.

He could not say too much about the report until it is officially released, but it calls for recognition and redress. “It does not call for a ‘right of return,” the spokesman told Point of No Return.

“We are launching an official PR campaign on the issue and will be instructing our embassies and consulates around the world to bring up the issue with their respective counterparts. This is all at the behest of Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.”

According to Yeshiva World,” Ayalon is working to change Israel’s tactical approach to negotiations, formulating a plan to demand compensatory payment to Jews who fled Arab countries. He suggests establishing an international monetary fund based on a decision of President Bill Clinton in 2000 and a congressional decision in 2008. This fund would assist Palestinians, including retroactive assistance to nations that assisted them, including Israel and Jordan. The fund would also address Jewish property in Arab countries.”
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  • this is utterly incredible. I can't believe that any Jew is crazy enough to want to go back to an Arab country!!!
    Anyway they are starting new "revolutions" and if it does not go well for them, they will blame those Jews who went back. count me out!!!
    sultana latifa


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