Egyptian Jews: write your Golden Book story now

The palm, symbol of the Egyptian-Jewish community

If you are a Jew from Egypt there is still a little time left to get your story into the ‘Golden Book of the Jews of Egypt’. The book will collect stories of uprooting and exile titled: ‘My Own Exodus’ and will be published later this year. It will be distributed to universities, schools and libraries.

The decision to publish the Golden Book was made at The World Congress of the Jews of Egypt (2006), founded and chaired by Dr. Ada Aharoni, a professor at Haifa University. Over 70 accounts have been collected so far.

“All the narratives together will rebuild this important aspect of the history of the Jews from Egypt, which has never been fully related before”, says Dr Aharoni.”The collective narratives of all the participants will demonstrate how this wonderful Jewish community of more than 2000 years, was destroyed and is no more.

“The important and most crucial values of “Remember!”- Tizcor, and “Tell!” – Tagid, are primordial in the Jewish tradition,” Dr Aharoni continues. “In the Bible and in the Passover Hagada, it is commanded: “Remember your Exodus from Egypt, and: “Tell your son!” (Exodus chapter 13 verse 8).It is therefore very important not only to Remember and to Tell about our faraway history, our Biblical First Exodus from Egypt, but also about our close history: “The Second Exodus of the Jews from Egypt”. All those who remember and tell also about “The SecondExodus of the Jews from Egypt”, are doubly praiseworthy!”
The Golden Book will also describe the process of emigration of the Jews from Egypt to Israel – the Aliya, their integration, and their great contribution to the State of Israel in all fields.
Send your personal narrative on “My Exodus from Egypt” or “My family’s Exodus from Egypt” to Ada Aharoni (Email : [email protected] ) by April 2012.


  • I don't think Bat Yeor would go for a thesis that links Jewish suffering in Arab lands to the Arab-Israeli conflict, Tzion, nor to Nazism and Hadj Amin Al-Husseini. She knows better. But who knows?

  • Why don't you try to get a contribution from Bat Yeor? I have read one or two accounts by her of how she and her family were forced out of Egypt, but an organized account specifically written for this Golden Book could be more comprehensive and coherent.

  • Thank you very much for posting this important announcement about THE GOLDEN BOOK OF THE JEWS FROM EGYPT, on your Blog. Thanks to you, I am sure we will get many more exciting and authentic narratives about "My Own Exodus from Egypt." The "Golden Book" will be an example of the dramatic uprooting of the Jewish communities in Arab Countries in the mid twentieth century, and it will prove to the world and to our Palestinian neighbors, that they were not the only ones who suffered
    from Arab- Israeli Conflict. This neglected aspect can pave the road to a reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.


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