Jewish woman rescued from an Arab country

An Israel-based organisation which rescues Jewish women in distress managed to spirit a heavily-pregnant woman from an Arab country to safety within 48 hours of being told of her plight, the French website J-Forum reports.

Update: the woman has given birth in Jerusalem, and a Brit Mila ceremony (circumcision) held (Arutz Sheva)

Julie (not her real name) had been held against her will in a village in an Arab country together with her two-year-old daughter. She had been kept a virtual prisoner by her Arab partner, beaten, raped and generally abused. Although pregnant, she had only been allowed to see a doctor once.

Julie had been sweet-talked into a relationship with her partner when she visited the Arab country (we can assume it is either Tunisia or Morocco) with a holiday tour group. One imagines that she thought she had fallen in love with her Arab companion, and decided to stay behind with him. The relationship soon soured and it became clear that Julie’s partner wanted to force her into marriage so that he could acquire French papers.

Julie’s plight became apparent when her mother, in tears, attended a meeting of the HEMLA organisation in Ashdod, Israel, on 25 December 2011. HEMLA sprang into action and managed to successfully arrange Julie’s and her daughter’s flight to Israel within 48 hours, although one carrier refused to take her because of her advanced pregnancy.

HEMLA claim to have rescued 1,500 Jewish girls in Israel and around the world from what they call a ‘silent intifada’. While living in the Arab country, Julie claims to have met other Jewish girls in similar circumstances.

Although details are sketchy of how long and to what extent Julie came to find herself as a prisoner of her companion, thisvideo interview with her answers some questions.

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  • sweet talk by oriental man can be very successful. They will look in(o your eyes and swear all sorts of "sweet nonsense"
    Ask any jewish woman she will tell you the same!
    i remember a film and later the book "NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER" of an Armican citizen. Then sweet talked her into going for a visit to see his parents in Iran…guess the end?….
    sultana latifa


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