Is Aisha Gaddafi seeking asylum in Israel?

Aisha Gaddafi

With thanks: Ranbir

I’ve been avoiding this story for some days now – but the time might have now come to comment about news reports that Aisha Gaddafi, the late Libyan dictator’s daughter, is seeking asylum in Israel.

As evidence, the reports cite the fact that Aisha, who fled to Algeria with members of her family, has engaged Israeli lawyer and human rights activist Nick Kaufman to represent her.

Firstly, engaging an Israeli lawyer does not mean anything much. I seem to recall that Aisha’s brother Saif al-Islam once had an Israeli girlfriend. So what?

Next, I would point out that several press reports take a more cautious line: Aisha might be seeking asylum, or is eyeing asylum.

In the next breath reporters invariably bring up the fact that Colonel Gaddafi is rumoured to have had Jewish origins – that’s why Israel might be Aisha’s natural choice. In support of this theory the Los Angeles Times blog and USA Today both linked to this Point of No Return blogpost in which two women in Israel claim to be related to Gaddafi’s grandmother, who ran off with a Libyan sheikh.

Under Israel’s right of return, having a Jewish grandmother might well have entitled Colonel Gaddafi to citizenship. But if Aisha is claiming the right to move to Israel because her great-grandmother was Jewish – the link is becoming somewhat threadbare.

Of course, there is the possibility that the whole asylum story may have been cooked up by Gaddafi’s enemies. In the Middle East and North Africa, there is no better way to discredit someone than to call them a Jew. For instance, rumours have been circulating in Egypt that Boutros Boutros Ghali, the Coptic ex-UN secretary-general, was all set to follow his Jewish wife to Israel.

If Aisha does indeed move to Israel, no reporter seems to have bothered to ask the Israeli public why they should offer asylum to a hostile dictator’s daughter. When he was alive, Colonel Gaddafi was responsible for the expulsion and wholesale dispossession of the last 6,000 Jews in Libya. Perhaps Israel should grant Aisha asylum after all – on condition she apologises and donates to Libyan Israelis a large chunk of her father’s billions, squirrelled away in Swiss bank vaults.


  • If this so called new report is true, israel should give political asylum to Aisha Gaddafi because this new so called Libya is as Jew-hating as ever, possibly more so.
    The Italian Jew who was born in Libya and left as a child after being kicked out by Ghaddafi,returned briefly to have a look at his ancestral home, however he was lucky to get out allive, as these bastards are like Leopards, they nevever change their spots, his life was threatened by some Muslim-Jew-hating-thugs with guns. I put liitle hope in the new Libiya ever owning up how badly they treated the Jews of Libiya, they can all rot in hell together with all the enemies of the Jewish-people and the State of Israel.

  • suzy —
    That wasn't me. Futwangler was the the one the always informative Ms. Latifa was referring to. Not sure he was also a "Von" but he could have been, as it's only a prefix indicating nobility of some sort.

    I did some research, and this is a different daughter. The reason I say "killed" in parentheses is that the baby daughter that Reagan was said to have killed in the 1986 bombing turned out to be alive and well 25 years later. That was the daughter Hana.

    — Heather

  • for Heaher:
    If you must know it's Von Karayan the famous conductor who directed all the Bethoven symphonies.
    I don't think we are talking of the same person

  • Sylvia, thanks for the Maariv link.

    I only decided to comment in order to refute the Aisha story.

  • I found the link.
    Apparently they converted to "Orthodox" judaism .There is a picture.
    I don't know if there is an English version.

    Now this is a real story. I don't mean to tell you what to do on your blog but you should stay away from the unsubstantiated stories about Kaddafi's family and other prominent Muslim leaders being Jewish or associated with Jews. It diminishes the credibility of this site and you know it only serves antisemites.

  • Sylvia, I must admit I had not heard that story. Unusual for both parties to have converted to Judaism, although I know an Egyptian Muslim who converted and made aliya.
    Heather, I don't if it is her Reagan is meant to have 'killed', but it seems Aisha's husband and children died in the recent fighting in Libya. She has just given birth to her fourth child.

  • You seem to have missed a report this week-end in Maariv I think about a Tunisian Muslima who married a Christian from Honduras, they both converted to Ultra-Orthodox Judaism in the US and just made Aliyah to Haifa.

    I doubt the story about Aisha Kaddafi however.

  • of course one can dream!!!
    anyway she is beautiful physically.
    Only an intelligent non-
    Jewish man can have a Jewish wife!
    Even in Hitler's time, the director of the the philharmonic orchestra, married a Jew and that man whose name starts with a Von was never annoyed nor was she deported like the rest.
    Sultana Latifa


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