Economist sacked for slamming ‘white’ elite

The chief economist of the Excellence Nessuah brokerage firm was unceremoniously ousted on Wednesday after launching a blistering attack on “the Ashkenazi establishment” that included calling Bank Leumi “the whites’ bank, Haaretz reports. Interestingly, most of the comments online agree with him. (With thanks: Michelle; Sylvia)

Update:Arutz Sheva reports that the Sephardi Orthodox party Shas has condemned the sacking of Shlomo Maoz. Labour party: Maoz has touched a raw nerve (with thanks: Michelle)

“Was society egalitarian in the 1950s?” economist Shlomo Maoz asked in a lecture on Wednesday at the Sapir Conference on a Different Politics in Sderot. “It was an egalitarian society for Ashkenazim. And even today, the chutzpah continues – for example, the nepotism on the Supreme Court, or in higher education. There was a time when to be promoted in the universities, you had to be close to someone from the ruling population group.

Photo by: Eyal Toueg
and Ofer Vaknin

Shlomo Maoz (centre) with Ayelet Nir and Ron Eichel

Maoz went on to say, “That same white society dominates at Bank Leumi. Bank Leumi is the whites’ bank. Only whites can be appointed to [senior] positions there.”

Excellence said that “in light of his crude and unfortunate remarks, Maoz has been terminated from all his positions at our investment house. Excellence apologizes for and rejects these statements.” At the conference, Maoz also said land policy had been discriminatory: There was downright “land theft by the kibbutzim and moshavim,” he said. “They got water at low prices, even in Savyon,” one of Israel’s wealthiest towns.

Similarly, the national lottery (Mifal Hapayis) “pours money into unique schools in prestigious neighborhoods.”

Maoz charged that he was rejected for a job at Leumi because the search committee “was all about Ashkenazi purity. I went to the Supreme Court – there, too, they were all Ashkenazi.”(…)

Part of the problem, he said, is that the Finance Ministry’s budget department, which drafts the state budget, is also dominated by veteran Israelis of European descent, with “one token Russian [immigrant] and one Mizrahi,” or Jew of Middle Eastern descent.

Neither the distress of the poor nor discrimination against Mizrahim elicit any reaction from “white Tel Aviv,” Maoz charged. “Only when it hits the whites in Tel Aviv in the pocket do they start to scream.”

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  • It's a sad story.
    However, it's the same all over the world!Not only with Sephardis and Ashkenazims They hang on to their privileges and woe on anyçone who tries to deprive them of that!
    It was the same in 1949: my aunt Lydia had married Joe an Ashkenazi whose family came from Poland.
    He did not stay over a month without a job whereas my other uncles
    had to work on the roads,lifting cememt bags out of trucks!
    I had hoped that at least in Israel society would be more equalitarian.
    sultana Latifa

  • The top Economist of Excellence Nessuah Investment House, Shlomo Maoz, was fired by the investment company for saying today out-loud what many people say out-loud anyway and what I said just yesterday (though in much fewer words) on this blog: "you go to Bank Leumi, they're all white Ashkenazis, you go to the Supreme Court, they're all Ashkenazis" and you don't stand a chance to get your foot in the door if you're something else. His words were greeted with applause by the 100 Business administration students present except for one person: Daphni Lif of the Rothchild social protest July 14.

    The hypocrisy of the Israeli media is absolutely mindboggling:

    When Sephardi ultra-Orthodox girls were excluded from a Haredi school just for being who they are, they were silent.

    When the scandal of women exclusion by Haredis came to light, they all hurried to join the anti-Haredi posse.

    When Ethiopians protested (today) at the Knesset about housing discrimination, they politely empathized.

    But when Shlomo Maoz, a brillant and widely respected economist decries what we all know and freely criticizes the situation, he gets fired!

    This story has been repeated at every newscast this afternoon and the Israeli media is furious and very critical of the statements he made.


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