Burt concerned at ‘deplorable ‘ Gerbi incident

Alistair Burt, minister in the UK Foreign Office

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The British undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Alistair Burt, will raise the forced departure of David Gerbi from Libya with the Libyan authorities after his attention was drawn to it, seemingly for the first time, by a letter from Robert Halfon MP. Assets of the Libyan regime frozen in Britain will not be used to compensate victims of the Gaddafi regime, Burt affirmed.

Assets of the Libyan regime frozen by the British government cannot be used to compensate Libyan Jews whose property was seized by the Gaddafi regime, the British undersecretary for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Alistair Burt, has affirmed.

In a reply to a letter about Jews and other minorities in Libya from Robert Halfon MP, (himself of Libyan origin), Mr Burt urged ‘individuals who feel they have a claim against the Libyan authorities to pursue the matter through the appropriate legal channels’. He quoted the Libyan Prime Minister al-Kib’s call for the establishment of a programme to gather testimony from victims of the Gaddafi regime and to process compensation claims.

It appears that Mr Burt had been previously unaware of the forced exit of Dr David Gerbi, the psychiatrist whose life was threatened simply for expressing the desire to clean up the Dar al-Bishi synagogue in Tripoli.

“I was very concerned to hear about this deplorable incident,” Mr Burt wrote. ” I have asked our Embassy to raise this case with the Libyan authorities.

“The British government is concerned about the rights of all minorities in Libya. the National Transitional Council’s Constitutional Declaration states that all Libyans are equal and are not discriminated against because of religion, faith, language, wealth, gender, ancestry, political views, social status or tribal group or family affiliation.

We have urged the NTC to live up to these commitments. It will be important for the new Libyan government to signal a clear break from the past. The Libyan government’s respect for human rights violations is therefore crucial.”

The UK was determined to be a strong partner for Libya in its transition to an ‘open democratic state.’


  • Alistair Burt is one of the better ones, certainly more 'pro-Israel' than his boss, William Hague, but that's not hard. To counterbalance Hague in the Cabinet we thankfully have Michael Gove, a real friend of Israel. One hopes that Cameron listens to him from time to time. Clegg is a lost cause, being a Lib Dem.

    The French too were responsible for encouraging pogroms (Fez 1912).

  • Forgot to add that during the British mandatory period in Israel, top Brit officials in the country encouraged Arab pogroms against Jews [see various books and articles by Pierre van Paassen] in which Jews were "ethnically cleansed" from several places, including Hebron, an ancient Jewish holy city. Hence, Clegg & Cameron are continuing the mandatory era British policy of racism against Jews in the Land of Israel. It was done by Lib Dems like Clegg, by Conservatives like Cameron and Neville Chamberlain [1939 White Paper on "palestine"] and by Laborites like Ernest Bevin and Christopher Mayhew.
    The UK should have no role whatsoever in Middle Eastern diplomacy until the UK publicly apologizes to the Jews for its having been a silent partner in the Holocaust [including the 1941 Farhud]. And the UK must also draw the right moral lessons for its future behavior from its past crimes.

  • Just yesterday deputy PM Clegg and PM Cameron denied the Jewish right to live in Judea-Samaria. They labeled Jewish exercise of the right to live in those places as "vandalism" [Clegg]. http://myrightword.blogspot.com/2012/01/klutzy-clegg.html

    Clegg and Cameron took this racist, apartheid position in their separate discussions with Abu Mazen, terrorist in chief of the palestinian authority.

  • Rest assured the UK as a matter of policy has to prostrate itself at the feet of the Arabs.

  • Burt did not say that the Jews should not be compensated, he said they should not be compensated from Gaddafi's assets FROZEN BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT.
    He urges individual Jews to use legal channels in Libya to claim compensation. But if the Iraqi precedent is anything to go by, the Jews will get nothing.
    Maybe we do need a heavyweight like Anthony Julius on board.

  • Who the h### is Alistair Burt to say Jews should not be compensated??? Another Arabist despite this statement. It would be so easy just to do the right thing here, and I am sure the recompense would be far less than even a month's oil revenue!!Of course the Brits refused to demand compensation from the Japanese, regarding the starvation slave camps the British soldiers were subjected to in WW2, building the Burma railway.
    But actually I hope a lawyer takes this up; Anthony Julius would be the only one.


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