New booklet launched on Jewish refugees

In association with Harif, StandWithUs has just launchedits booklet ‘Jewish refugees of the Middle East – an unresolved human rights issue’. The A5 booklet sets out the facts about the Jewish refugees from Arab countries, now largely resettled in Israel.

The 870,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries, whose ancient communities have been liquidated in the last 60 years, outnumber Palestinian Arab refugees, but their claims for recognition and compensation have been ignored by the UN and the world.

Acknowledging the terrible injustices committed against these Jews, however, can help bring about reconciliation and peace between Israel and the Arab states.

Click to see new booklet on Jewish Refugees(PDF)- also available from Harif in handy A6 size.


  • It is good that things are moving. But not quickly enough.We are nearing the end of our life and all around me Egyptian Jews are leaving this "valley of tears!"
    suzy vidal

  • You are right that the title is incomplete but Jewiish refugees from north Africa dare not forgotten in the brochure proper


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