Iranians give thumbs up to Israel’s Farsi radio

Most Iranians don’t agree with Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial

The best information channel in Iran is Israel Radio’s Farsi service (once threatened with closure), while the Voice of America is a disappointment. In spite of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s best efforts, Iranians tell The Media Line, in this Jerusalem Post report,that they have no quarrel with Israel, and don’t deny the Holocaust. (Via Petra M-B)

“The US seems always to be two steps behind,” “Damovand,” the contractor, charged. “There was a window of opportunity following the elections when rioting filled the streets. We hoped for help, but it never came.” They’re not asking for military intervention. “Where,” for instance, “will our electricity come from if nuclear facilities are attacked?”

The Iranian said a second opportunity is now being ignored as the Arab Spring spreads throughout the region, and that the populace is primed for a move.

What, then, is powerful enough to bring down an oppressive regime that doesn’t include military force? The sanctions could work, but won’t unless applied effectively. To “Mobarez Naftooh,” that means targeting the central bank and petroleum companies.

And information. All four of the distant voices were disheartened by the failure of the Voice of America radio to step up to the plate.

“VoA might as well be staffed by agents of the Iranian government,” they all agreed. Although communicating with foreign journalists can cost one his or her life, it will not come as a surprise that the flow of reliable information remains atop the list of “must haves.” Hence, the profound disappointment with VoA. But it will no doubt surprise many that all of the Iranians named Israel Radio’s Farsi channel as the “best radio in Iran.”

In fact, if anything surprising came of the interview it was the unequivocal dispelling of the uncompromising rejection of the Jewish state that has become the signature of the Khamenei/Ahmadinejad regime. Imagine, instead of being told that the Israeli-Palestinian issue is the mother of all Middle East conflicts and fuels all unrest found there, we’re hearing that once the Islamic Republic goes, the tinderbox the center of which is Israel disappears.

“We have no borders with Israel and no relationship with Israel,” the contractor told us. “Yalda,” the sole woman of the group, echoed that “the Iranian people have no fight with Israel,” and as if to offer proof that Ahmadinejad doesn’t speak for the people added that, “we do believe the Holocaust happened.”
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Goood morning Tehran, this is Jerusalem!


  • I have a new name for the Iranian premier, but I dare not put it on your blog.
    suzy vidal

  • cyI can confirm – some Iranians friend of mine listen to this radio ( and reads jewish/israeli blogs )


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