‘Secrets of the lost assets’ film premieres tonight

With thanks Isaac, Edwin

It sounds like another Harrison Ford movie – but ‘Secrets of the lost Assets’ by Yes and Keshet is likely the most significant documentary film to be made since The Forgotten Refugees and Silent Exodus.

The film has been more than two years in the making. Produced by Inbal Petel and Emmanuel Rosen, it will have its premiere at the Yes Planet cinema in Ramat Gan, Israel, tonight.

It will be broadcast on the Yes cable channel next week.

The film looks at the vast assets lost by Jews in Arab countries. The producers travelled to the UK to interview Jews from Egypt and Iraq. According to the producers, there are no plans yet to make an English version.


  • This film must be translated to English. The mistake Israelis always make is Not Translating! Don't they realize that Hebrew is not a common language world wide. English is spoken everywhere! Wake Up Israel!

  • it's a long time since I have said CAPPARA over our losses/
    How about the sufferings? Who can compensate that? I doubt very much that any amount can ever reconcile me with the awful days of our Milan days, or the image of my dad sitting in the dark with his head resting on his hand.
    suzy vidal


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