Sephardi leader hails ‘extraordinary ‘ constitution

Launching the Sephardi Festival 2011 in Montreal (12 to 17 November), Sephardi community leader David Bensoussan hails the Moroccan constitution for acknowledging the nation’s ‘Hebrew component’. The Moroccan newspaper Au fait reports:

A Montréal, les intervenants ont mis en avant la coexistence entre communautés juive et musulmane au Maroc vieille de près de 3.000 ans. /DR

Moroccan Judaism is alive and well and Moroccan Jews have managed to spread their Moroccan traditions around the world. Moroccan Jews remain attached to their identity, culture and tradition dating back 3,000 years.

Speaking at an event launching the Sephardi festival, Professor David Bensoussan of the University of Quebec said that Morocco was the only Arab country to have recognised in its constitution the Hebrew component in Morocco. (The constitution aims to be all-inclusive. Its preamble proclaims the diversity of the nation, including “African, Berber, Andalusian, Hebrew and Mediterranean components” – ed). “It’s extraordinary,” he said.

The Moroccan ambassador to Canada and the Moroccan consul-general to Montreal both emphasised “our common values rather than our differences.”

On display at the event was Avraham Elarar’s rich collection of books and manuscripts produced by Moroccan rabbis from the 15th century onwards.

Read article in full (French)

Is the new Moroccan constitution good for the Jews?

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