Defeated Gerbi will fly back to Rome tomorrow

The sign reads (in Hebrew): There is no place for Jews in Libya (Photo by: Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s over for David Gerbi – and for prospects of tolerance and pluralism in the new Libya. For his own safety he will fly back to Italy in a military plane tomorrow, Tuesday, his mere presence having attracted hysterical hostility. The Jerusalem Post reports:

A few hundred angry protesters gathered in central Tripoli on the eve of Yom Kippur on Friday, calling for the deportation of a Libyan Jew who has been trying to reopen a synagogue sealed since ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi expelled the country’s Jewish community in 1967.

The protesters carried signs reading, “There is no place for the Jews in Libya,” and “We don’t have a place for Zionism.”

The crowds tried to storm Italian Libyan Jewish psychoanalyst David Gerbi’s Corinthia Hotel in central Tripoli. There was also a demonstration in Benghazi in the east of the country.

According to Gerbi, the crowd wanted to forcibly remove him from the hotel.

“They were impeded by hotel and Libyan security and government officials,” he said.

Gerbi said that National Security Adviser Abdel Karim Bazama, rebel leader Mustafa Saghezli, Interior Minister Ahmed Dharat and Justice Minister Muhammad Allaghi were among the government officials present at the hotel.

“The Tripoli crowd dispersed after Allaghi warned that any use of force on the part of the protesters would immediately result in strong international condemnation,” Gerbi said.

“He [Allaghi] reassured them the ‘problem’ would be resolved within 48 hours.”

The demonstrations were ignited by an attempt by Dr.Gerbi to clean the debris and pray in Tripoli’s abandoned Dar Bishi Synagogue. Dr. Gerbi had joined the National Transitional Council (NTC) rebel group last spring, first as a volunteer at the Benghazi Psychiatric Hospital and then joining and helping the rebels themselves.

“This incident has served to expose the dangerous reality simmering beneath the surface,” he said.

“I want to contribute to, not obstruct, the building of a new democratic and pluralistic Libya. It is sad and absurd that my mere presence in Libya, should set off so much hostility and I regret this,” Gerbi said.

“However,” he continued, “what happened reveals the extent of Gaddafi’s anti-Semitic conditioning of an entire generation, those in their forties and fifties. Forty-two years of lies, of hate propaganda falsely accusing Jews of having been paid off to abandon the country in 1967, of having robbed Palestinians of their homes and of planning to colonize Libya.”

“Fortunately, the older generation still recalls warm friendships with former Jewish neighbors,” Gerbi said, “and I will continue to work to restore a 2,300-year-old coexistence and advocate active roles in the NTC for Libyan Jews, for the Libyan Amazigh population, for women and all ethnic and religious minorities.”

On Sunday, after a personal meeting with Libyan and Italian diplomatic representatives, he agreed to return to Rome on Tuesday by military plane in order to ease the tension.

Gerbi said the Italian ambassador in Tripoli claimed that the controversy over his actions was strengthening the extremist wing of Islam in the current internal war in Libya between extremist and more moderate, liberal Muslim forces.

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  • Bataween, Eli Cohen sent very valuable info back to Israel. So he was far from a failure.

  • We have got to give him credit for trying.I know I wouldn't have the guts to do what he did!
    suzy vidal

  • Agreed, he exposed the Big lie, but he failed to achieve what he set out to do – I think that was a defeat of sorts.

  • Weep. Weep and mourn
    The synagogues forlorn
    That wild beasts have torn down
    And desert birds have made their own.

    Joseph Ibn Abithur (1012)

  • I note that in the sign in Hebrew, the Hebrew word for Libya is enclosed in the drawing of a heart.
    My guess is that it is because the Hebrew word Luv (Libya) can also be read "Love". So what she is also saying with her sign is that there is no love for Jews.

  • and now Grebi will have to find a psychiatrist! to pour out his heart on that couch
    suzy vidal


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